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Author: Joe Philip
The massive Target credit card breach continues to make headlines as lawsuits get filed, and lawmakers try to unsuccessfully engineer legislation to prevent this situation from occurring again. However, the million dollar question is about the whereabouts of the 40 million compromised credit... more>>

20 Most Promising Enterprise Security Companies

By CR Team
Irrespective of the size of business, every entrepreneur is striving to connect all dots between each penny to effectively survive the... more>>
By CR Team
Hacked and stolen data has grabbed the headlines. Major corporations and huge government agencies are losing control of precious... more>>
By CR Team
There is an increasing sophistication and frequency of security breaches today, which is causing a lot of concern amongst companies in... more>>
By CR Team
In an age where everything has either become or is in the process of becoming digital there is a software application for every function... more>>
By CR Team
Today's security solutions require the enterprise to complete extensive customization of signature files and perform time-consuming and... more>>
By CR Team
The media today is ripe with news about cyber attacks, especially Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks on critical organizations... more>>
By CR Team
Over the last few months, the world has seen how solutions protecting large enterprises against electronic fraud have proven ineffective.... more>>
By CR Team
Based on the analysis from a leading technology firm, the year 2012 had witnessed 934 publicly known data leaks. The increasing number in... more>>
By CR Team
CIO's have a challenging task of delivering IT solutions that enhance business performance while at the same time protecting their... more>>
By CR Team
Today's IT environment has been witnessing a continuous bombardment of data flow into the cloud. With billions of files being... more>>
By CR Team
With all the recent headlines surrounding data breaches,organizations are struggling to find a way to avoid becoming the next data breach... more>>
By CR Team
The time for businesses to be satisfied with simply calling a service provider to fix its IT problems has long gone. If a business isn't... more>>
By CR Team
In order for any business network to function properly and efficiently, it needs to be protected from possibly harmful traffic.... more>>
By CR Team
Organizations that seek to protect sensitive and mission-critical data and applications quickly realize that there is no single or simple... more>>
By CR Team
Mobile security is a serious concern for companies of all sizes. While enterprise computing is changing rapidly towards mobility, cloud... more>>
By CR Team
Social media is becoming the dominant means of communication. Today, 25 percent of the world's population is active on social media and... more>>

20 Most Promising Enterprise Security Consulting Companies

By CR Team
The current enterprise security market is an evolving one, at the same time, posing several challenges. Enterprises worldwide are... more>>
By CR Team
There has been a great increase in the number of companies making strategic hires in information security and IT Risk. Two of the... more>>
By Derek James
Headquartered in Ridgewood New Jersey, the company is headed by Mike Zusman, founder and principal consultant. Carve systems has... more>>
By Derek James
Health Security Solutions (HSS) aims to assist organizations in minimizing and mitigating the financial, legal and compliance risks... more>>
By Benita Matilda
Since its inception in 1993, Towerwall has been providing top-level security solutions to several reputed companies such as Middlesex... more>>


By Derek James
The industry is witnessing a change in terms of the usage of internet of late; the growth in traffic usage is increasing at a rate of 30... more>>

CIO Insights

By Randy Senn, CIO, SCANA Corp
The electric and gas utility sector is witnessing massive changes in its core aspects. With increased indulgence towards technological... more>>
By Lee Congdon, CIO, Red Hat, Inc.
Every CIO works with a vision to make his company a world class IT Company and in order to fulfill this vision, in today's competitive... more>>
By Larry Conrad, CIO & AVP, IT, University of California, Berkeley
Anyone involved in public higher education across the United States would be aware that it is no longer feasible to stick to operation... more>>
By Andy Nallappan, VP & CIO, Global Information Technology, Avago Technologies
The industry is witnessing many trends, with the cloud being the most significant. Yet, these trends cannot be termed as entirely new, as... more>>
By John T. Marcante, CIO, Vanguard
The industry involves many new trends, specifically, there are five different trends shaping the sector. These trends may fail to be... more>>
By Uday Devalla, CIO, Stearns Lending
The wearable computing is the latest trend in terms of consumer technology, which is likely to remain so in the imminent years as well.... more>>
By Kevin Shearan, CIO, ACE Group
Innovation rarely comes from a single spark in a single head. It is the result of disciplined collaboration across the IT domains, with a... more>>

CEO ViewPoint

By John Feland, CEO, Argus Insights
The hype around Big Data is driving a tidal wave of change throughout our industry. Like any tidal wave, it consists of a hodgepodge of... more>>
By John Martin, Chairman & CEO, Innography
Leading companies compete on the impact of their innovations in the marketplace. They leverage patents to claim the outcome of their... more>>

CEO Spotlight

By Jason Young, CEO, Crisp Media
Rapid adoption of mobile and other connected devices is, among consumers, the major ongoing trend the market has ever seen. According... more>>
By Rob Clyde, CEO, Adaptive Computing Inc.
Explosion of Big data colliding with High-Performance Computing (HPC) and cloud is the new trend I am seeing in the marketplace which is... more>>

CXO Viewpoint

By Gerald Burnand, CTO, Vertical Search Works
For advertisers, certifications and consultancies were built around selecting the right keywords, but simple human error can still result... more>>