December  2013 Manufacturing Technology Special Issue
Cover Story
Author: Jeevan George
For those of you who have not yet seen the Forbes list of 400 wealthiest Americans… if you look closely, you will find me at number 394 more>>

20 Most Promising Manufacturing Technology Solution Providers

By Thomson Antony
Today, innovation and manufacturing capabilities are dispersed around the globe. Global supply chains, localized products and virtualized... more>>
By Benita M
AeroScout, founded in 1999 and acquired by Stanley Black & Decker in June 2012, is an industry leader in Location Based Services and... more>>
By Thomson Antony
In today’s changing market, an increasing number of companies are focusing their marketing and customer service efforts on developing a... more>>
By Joe Philip
Since 1992, COSS Systems has been optimizing operations through the automation of business processes. Designed for small to mid-sized... more>>
By Benita M
Having the right supply chain partners can make the difference between having seamless processes satisfied customers or frustrating... more>>
By Benita M
Since 1998, ecVision has provided leading edge software platforms to companies in the apparel and footwear industry around the globe. more>>
By Joe Philip
In 2012, IBS AG and IBS America, was acquired by Siemens AG and is now part of the Siemens Industrial Automation Division with direct... more>>
By Benita M
Into the plethora of rising IT solution enterprises, stepped Idhasoft, a pioneer of a myriad of quality services across several different... more>>
By Joe Philip
Recently placed on the list of fastest growing, private companies in America for the third year in a row, IQMS has been designing and... more>>
By Benita M
Organizations without ERP run on diverse software that does not allow interaction or customization, negatively affecting the optimized... more>>
By Joe Philip
When we realized the importance of analyzing the performance of the ever thriving manufacturing industry, it seemed necessary to dive... more>>
By Thomson Antony
Founded in 1998 and headquartered in Silicon Valley, NetSuite more>>
By Benita M
The founders of Plex Systems started out as people who loved manufacturing and took pride in the making of things. These more>>
By Joe Philip
ProcessPro is a mid-market Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software solution provider targeting the process more>>
By Thomson Antony
QiSOFT has been a leading provider of manufacturing intelligence software since 1986, helping manufacturing more>>
By Benita M
Virender Aggarwal, CEO of Ramco Systems has been driving the company’s mission to be a world-class provider of more>>
By Joe Philip
With its headquarters in Boston, MA, Solvoyo was started with the mission to proliferate supply chain proficiency to all more>>
By Benita M
Manufacturers engage in a highly complex endeavor. They aim to develop valuable, competitive products, more>>
By Thomson Antony
VAI is an award winning software developer and an IBM Premier Business Partner founded in 1978 with the mission to more>>
By Benita M
Winfosoft is a consulting and software applications firm implementing and supporting Microsoft Dynamics AX for more>>
By Benita M
Headquartered in Norfolk,Virginia, xTuple is an enterprise software company that develops and markets open source more>>

20 Most Promising Manufacturing Technology Consulting Companies

By Joe Philip
Today, innovation and manufacturing capabilities are dispersed around the globe. Global supply chains, localized products and... more>>
By Benita M
Since its inception in 2009, with its headquarters in Aliso Viejo, CA, Alternative Technology Solutions has been providing software and... more>>
By Benita M
Blink Consulting, a ‘Forward Thinking’ consulting organization, has been in the business since 2005, helping customers achieve... more>>
By Joe Philip
“Manufacturing is not the same as it used to be 10-20 years ago where people were depending upon individual expertise and disparate... more>>
By Joe Philip
Founded by Cambridge University graduate, Mike Evans, in 1984, Cambashi is an independent industry analyst firm, providing market... more>>
By Benita M
Since its inception in 2009, with its headquarters in Aliso Viejo, CA, Alternative Technology Solutions has been providing software and... more>>
By Benita M
In the past, people depended on physical computer storage or servers to run their programs. However, with the introduction of cloud... more>>
By Thomson Antony
Founded in January, 1995, to provide consulting services to the manufacturing and distribution industries, Cortekx HGL is a business... more>>
By Joe Philip
atix, Inc., an enterprise software solutions provider, has been working with customers to improve their processes and efficiencies, by... more>>
By Thomson Antony
Founded in 1994 in Stillwater, MN, Enhanced Information Solutions (EIS), Inc. is a software consulting firm focused on the biotech and... more>>
By Joe Philip
A forward-thinking manufacturing consultancy, Epalign, headquartered in Columbus, OH, is focused on building sustainable and high... more>>
By Joe Philip
IMAGINiT Technologies is a provider of enterprise solutions to the engineering community. It provides consulting and professional... more>>
By Benita M
The Corporation for Manufacturing Excellence (Manex) delivers solutions exclusively to manufacturers, distributors and their supply... more>>
By Joe Philip
MindHARBOR is a results-oriented .NET application development and consulting services firm for industrial, medical, surgical,... more>>
By Benita M
Powering the manufacturing industry with invaluable solutions, Omnex Systems, founded and incorporated by Chad Kymal, has its core focus... more>>
By Benita M
In order to provide value added services, lean leadership, facilitation, training and education to its clients and peer group members,... more>>
By Joe Philip
Founded in Chicago, Illinois, in 2002, Quinnox is an IT services and consulting firm focused on delivering innovative solutions for... more>>
By Benita M
Very few companies have succeeded in achieving true supply chain value inside their enterprise applications. In most companies,... more>>
By Benita M
Synesis International, Inc. is an operations improvement and business systems consulting firm headquartered in Greenville, South... more>>
By Thomson Antony
Since 1994, Ultra Consultants has delivered ERP technology expertise and business process management to drive business performance... more>>
By Joe Philip
Xavor Corporation, founded by Humayun Rashid in 1995, is a global technology and management consulting firm committed to delivering... more>>


By Archana Deskus, Chief Information Officer, Baker Hughes
Mobile technology and cloud services are challenging our traditional thinking on how we operate our businesses on a global basis. The... more>>
By Filippo Passerini, Group President – Global Business Services & CIO, P&G
I would characterize complexity as the beast to tame. Every time we make an intervention – like introducing a new technology or... more>>
By Nicholas R. Colisto, SVP & CIO, Xylem
Truly innovative companies are maximizing their investments in traditional enterprise systems by mobilizing the user experience with the... more>>
By Sheryl Fikse Bunton, CIO & VP, AGCO
Other than the standard ERP solution, for which we use SAP, our Manufacturing Execution System (MES) is looking for the sorts of things... more>>
By Daphne Jones, CIO & SVP, Hospira
Product quality and customer service are incredibly important not just for the success of our business but for the millions of patients... more>>
By Doug Mills, VP & CIO, The Mosaic Company
Within Mosaic, our IT organization supports our mining operations by providing applications such as ERP, plant maintenance, production... more>>
By Timothy C. McCabe, Senior VP & CIO, Delphi
I am excited about working with technology providers and partners that allow us have an internal and external strategy that really starts... more>>
By Gerrit Schutté, SVP & CIO, ConAgra Foods, Inc.
The concern that should be at the top of every CIO’s list is coping with the speed of change both in terms of how business works and... more>>
By Ahmed Mahmoud, CIO, General Motors
The future of IT is focused on getting back to the basic fundamentals. We are still writing code like we did 50 years ago. more>>
By Scott Chiavetta, CIO, Alliance Laundry Systems
The most significant is mobile technology, and specifically the ability to leverage enterprise systems with mobile clients. In the... more>>
By Brian R. Lurie, VP & CIO, Gardner Denver Inc.
One of my biggest challenges is the continuing existence of legacy ERP systems and looking for the holy grail of trying to combine those... more>>
By Pete V. Sattler, VP Information Technology & CIO, International Flavors & Fragrances
The world of IT is an ever changing place with constant innovation. How that technology gets applied to business problems is where things... more>>
By Kim Barrier, CIO, Bio-Rad Laboratories
As a core manufacturing company which makes its own products, the biggest challenge that we face is the lack of a global manufacturing... more>>
By Walter Curd, CIO & VP, Maxim Integrated Products
Maxim manufactures computer chips. The biggest challenge we face is that there are very few chip manufacturing facilities being built now... more>>
By Lalit Panda, VP & CIO, Tronox
For manufacturing companies IT is an enabler of efficiency but not integral to the product offering as with financial or other verticals.... more>>
By Christophe Deslandes, CIO & VP, KapStone Paper and Packaging
Cloud technology has matured and every company should develop a Cloud strategy if they don’t already have one. We look at Cloud not as... more>>
By Peter Girgis, CIO & VP IT, Dunn-Edwards Corporation
The big challenge that I see for the manufacturing sector is being able to provide the agility on the production floor to quickly adapt... more>>
By Claudio Rodrigues, Director IT, Noven Pharmaceuticals
While our manufacturing is not just in time, we have a need to understand where a batch is in the production cycle to help manage... more>>
By Tom Crowe, CIO & Chief Supply Chain Officer, PL Developments
If manufacturing companies want to stay competitive in today’s environment one of the key tools is real-time data. This information is... more>>
By Andy Newsom, CIO, CSL Behring
One of the technologies in the manufacturing sector that is having a tremendous impact on operations is Manufacturing Execution Systems... more>>
By Mark Andrew Shaver, CIO and VP Operational Excellence, Joy Global Inc
The buzz on Big Data continues at every CIO forum, seminar, and most publications. Retail leverages Big Data to provide trends, select... more>>
By Clark Golestani, EVP & CIO, Merck
The big challenge is shifting from scale towards differentiation. This will require an innovation agenda and a shifting portfolio: from... more>>
By Tom Farrah, CIO & SVP, Dr Pepper Snapple Group
For a company like Dr Pepper Snapple Group, and probably most any other CPG company in today’s environment, the biggest challenge is... more>>
By Nancy S. Wolk, CIO, Alcoa - Global Business Services
One of the major shifts we are seeing at Alcoa is the increased ability to correlate massive amounts of data from our manufacturing... more>>
By Bud McQuade, VP of Information Technology, Tellabs
We see a growing trend to replace copper with fiber in enterprise networks. Optical LANs are an ideal solution to leverage the cost,... more>>
By Bruce Decock, CIO & VP, LSI
The major trend in IT today is the continued emergence and importance of cloud computing in all of its forms, i.e. IaaS, PaaS and SaaS.... more>>
By David M. Atrostic, VP of Information Technology, TASER International
Following the “consumerization of IT” trend, improved user interfaces for manufacturing information systems installed on mobile... more>>
By Thomas Farrington, SVP & CIO, Perrigo Company
Enterprise systems and other technology are finding new and innovative uses on the manufacturing floor. Technologies are being integrated... more>>
By Chris Bedi, CIO, JDSU
JDSU has a clear view into the most impactful trends that are driving the enterprise business environment today. The technology themes... more>>
By Richard Caron, CIO & VP of Business Process Management, Isola Group
Everyone has a different appetite for cloud services, and I think it’s safe to say that comfort levels vary widely. One trend that... more>>
By Leni Kaufman, VP & CIO, Newport News Shipbuilding
Our transformation journey encompasses several new trends; mobility, CAD and ubiquitous collaboration that will take place over the next... more>>
By Michael Endsley, Chief Information Officer , Emerson Network Power
Consumers, including our own employees, cannot get their hands on new technologies fast enough, and that trend is showing no signs of... more>>

CXO Insight

By Scott Bolick, Head of Idea to Performance, SAP
Manufacturers today are facing challenges and opportunities their predecessors couldn’t have fathomed.“Always on” technology is... more>>
By Christine Furstoss, Global Technology Director, GE Global Research
Innovative manufacturing processes and manufacturing execution systems have transformed the plant floor over time. Rapidly however,... more>>
By Francis Louis Charbonneau Jr., President and CEO, ACI-Aerospace Consultants International
Over the last several months, suppliers, vendors, and manufacturers that support the hardware and software needs of the U.S. Department... more>>
By Paul Dennies, Global Program Director, Teradata
Data and analytics will form the foundation of factories of the future and in so doing will provide manufacturers previously unimaginable... more>>
By Doug Woods, President, AMT
If you’re looking for the media darling of economic revival, there’s no need to look any further than manufacturing. The industry has... more>>
By Mitch Free, Founder & CEO,
Manufacturing is what created wealth and built America into one of the greatest countries in the world. Manufacturing creates sustainable... more>>
By Eric Byres, CTO , Tofino Security, A Belden Brand
For the past decade, industrial engineers wanted to believe that “air gaps” truly existed between their systems and the rest of the... more>>