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July 22, 2016
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Feature of the Week
Cloud Computing and Storage facility incited new trends from revolutionizing how you store your memories, how you organize your workforce and collaborate on projects.
Security issues emanating from slow patch cycles and industry-laggard issues can result in a major security breach.
While cloud ERP is the best choice to be in sync with variance in the demand for resources, on-premise ERP provides the user a customized system that is also integrable with third party services and applications.
Featured Vendors
Enables clients to dramatically reduce costs, improve efficiency and deliver higher quality service by providing greater insights, control, and optimization of their operational systems.
Providing advanced data management, connectivity, and analytics technologies that help clients make breakthroughs in various verticals.
Provider of research-based data, custom analytics, insights products, and services for the healthcare industry.
Offers Simulink, a graphical environment for simulation and model-based design of multi-domain dynamic and embedded systems.
CIO Viewpoint
Donald Rowley, CIO, Imagine Communications
Tomorrow's next generation applications require a committed partnership between those who understand legacy technologies and those trained in the IP, software and cloud infrastructure.
Paul Scorza, CIO, Ahold USA
The suppliers function as “subcontractors” and are responsible for the delivery of their pieces of the project. Project success or failure ultimately rolls up to the IT associate in charge of the project.
Georgette Kiser, CIO, The Carlyle Group
Table tops are exercises that help us anticipate problems and how to handle them as well as devise the best ways to communicate with key audiences during a crisis.
CXO Insights
By ParamBedi, VP for Library and Information Technology, Bucknell University
The application of advanced analytics is happening all around us. We are surrounded by 'machine learning' and often don't even know it.
By Lorenzo Vallone, SVP & CTO, Mirum
Emerging technologies such as VR, AR, Haptic Wearables, and IoT are reshaping the expectations of digital experiences among Millennials.
By Micah Callough, VP & Director-Digital Solutions for Clients, Arcadis
All too often we see enterprise solutions built to meet a need like managing assets, where GIS is accessed, but not truly integrated.