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Jul 29, 2014
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News for the week
Innovate Mobility Challenge Series will bring global and local players together in the pursuit of one goal, which is a smarter and efficient transportation network for the future.
Pratt & Whitney will broaden its current performance monitoring capabilities to more than 4,000 operational commercial engines and leverage IBM's military diagnostic and prognostic abilities.
Visa launches its new platform Visa Checkout, a quick and easy payment service for consumers throughout the United States, Canada and Australia to pay for goods online on any device.
3D printing offers greater speed, precision and lesser cost in making organ parts, making it special as compared to other organ regenerating tools.
LinkedIn is going to acquire Bizo - which is into business audience marketing, to provide powerful tool for brands that wants to build a stronger relationship with professionals.
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 lays the foundation for open hybrid cloud, serves enterprise workloads across converged infrastructures, and pushes the operating system to perform more than a commodity platform.
Transferology offers colleges and universities the ability to recruit students and helps transfer students to quickly and easily assess how their college courses will be accepted by other institutions within the network.
Slingshot from Facebook Creative Labs allows the user to share pictures and short videos with several others at the same time.
CXO Insights
By Larry Warner, CPCU, President, Warner Risk Group Kristina Narvaez, President & CEO, ERM Strategies
While collecting risk information is important to an ERM program, understanding how critical risks can impact the business landscape is even more important.
By Sherryanne Meyer, IT Manager, Air Products
Innovation in the ERP space requires knowing what your end users really want. SAP's developers have set out to deliver exactly that.
By Jan Billiet, Director IS Security & Risk Management, Philip Morris International
Sustainable information security implementations need to be designed and operated from the questions: where are our higher-risk knowledge workers, computing devices and services, the data they process, and what do we do about them.
CIO Viewpoint
Bill Martin, VP, CIO, Royal Caribbean Cruises
The ability to use data to drive our business forward will be forever changed by the thing we currently are calling Big Data.
Selina Lo, CEO, Ruckus Wireless
Hotspot 2.0 will allow the multitude of wi-fi networks to be linked together like a patchwork quilt, providing an automatic login on a secure encrypted connection and transparent roaming from one network to the other.
Richard Vaughn, CVP, CMIO, SSM Health Care
The areas in business environment where solutions do not yet exist or not up to the mark, and which if existed, would've made job easier.