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Oct 30, 2014
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News for the week
NYC Technology hub will be house for its rich talent pool of engineers working on platforms including MasterPass, Start Path, Digital Enablement System, MasterCard Labs and OpenAPI.
CareWeb Messenger solution - built on Salesforce technology - facilitates the online and on mobile device talk for doctors, nurses and patients.
Sage Enterprise Intelligence (SEI) with fully integrated Sage ERP X3 replaced the inefficient fragmented modules used by Avon that ensured them quicker Returns on Investment (ROI).
IBM middleware such as WebSphere Liberty, MQ, and DB2 will now be available on Microsoft Azure. IBM Cloud will host Windows Server and SQL Server.
The latest community includes several new features including live merge, importing storage domains, advanced scheduling with optaplanner, and Foreman integration.
The system comprises of a PanOptic Ophthalmoscope, Charged Power Handle, Adapter, iPhone with iExaminer app, bracket and support arm.
With this partnership, Latisys can access this expertise from XTIVIA who delivers the same across many of the most popular DB platforms.
It makes the data understandable and presents it as scenes in a movie storyboard where each scene consists of visualized data, assembled from multiple sources.
CXO Insights
By Vish Ganapathy, Chief Technologist, Global Retail Industry, IBM
Retailers are getting some much needed help from the cloud. Much like shopping, cloud computing too is moving beyond a one-size-fits-all configuration and becoming customizable.
By Kevin Madsen, Technical Services Group Manager, Stanley Consultants
Mobile technology and software advances in GPS data, GIS, digital photography, and wireless networks have converged to enable powerful mobile platforms providing significant capabilities.
By David Crain, Assistant Provost & CIO, Southern Illinois University
2 million Facebook, Gmail and Twitter accounts had data stolen, according to 12 million credit card numbers were stolen from Target. 4.5 million records were stolen from Community Health Systems.
CIO Viewpoint
Dennis Hodges, CIO, Inteva Products
Better management through serialized containerization and work-in-process labeling provides tremendous value
Sam Lamonica, VP & CIO, Rosendin Electric
In the last 4-5 years the construction industry has wholeheartedly and aggressively embraced technology, setting the stage for Tier 2 players to be acquired by large Tier 1 providers.
Stephen Tranquillo,VP & CIO, Thomas Jefferson University Hospital
In healthcare IT, it is the constant tug and pull of the best of breed individual systems and an integrated enterprise approach.