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Oct 20, 2014
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News for the week
tcp cloud implemented Juniper Networks Contrail in conjunction with Juniper's reference architecture for latest data centers, MetaFabric architecture.
MuleSoft's Anypoint Platform allows companies to easily pull data from any source within and outside the enterprise into the Wave.
ProAccent Vol 2 brings fresh and new energy to the video by introducing animated lines, popped shapes while moving objects or motion appears in image.
Industrial Control System (ICS) Security Gap Assessment identifies security flaws and provides specific recommendations to safeguard critical manufacturing infrastructure.
The Acclarix AX8 delivers premium-level ultrasound performance by providing definitive image quality in distinctive, progressive and compact design.
The company analyzes global vessels as well as ocean carriers' schedule to improve the completeness, accuracy, and timeliness of the sailing schedule data.
ASCENT 3.0 will include powerful new features that improve flexibility and help with method development and assay optimization.
In the current mobility-driven world, Wave analytics cloud enables businesses to query data sets and generate insights by using the mobile device. Users can also filter data as required and customize views on the whim.
CXO Insights
By Bob Nutsch, GIS Coordinator, State of North Dakota
The GIS Hub has helped to reduce the cost, encourage collaboration among state agencies, and create a solid foundation for current GIS initiatives.
By Greg Smith, CIO, Missouri University of Science & Technology
Research in Higher Education has been going through a dramatic shift based on the change of funding sources to the ability to staff research teams with graduate students.
By Drew Kelton, EVP, T-Mobile Business Markets
Not only did wireless providers successfully lock customers in with restrictive, over-priced service contracts, businesses also built mobility support functions.
CIO Viewpoint
John D. Rhea, Compliance Officer & Attorney, OGE Energy
Although no compliance officer can know the details of every regulation that could impact their company, they can develop a set of tools to reduce the risk of missing something.
Jason Worley, CIO, FCER- Adeptus Health
Enterprise storage is quickly becoming a software game. Mobile device, cloud storage, and BYOD management are some of my continued concerns.
Pat Wadors, VP, Global Talent Organization, LinkedIn
Implement simple pragmatic solutions, if you customize too much scale and data integrity will be an issue.