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Sep 19, 2014
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News for the week
The CLIO system includes Lockheed Martin's A2100 satellite bus which is a common framework that contains the satellite's solar arrays, propulsion system and core electronics.
Chef 12 enables IT automation in the data center or in any cloud platform combinations across diverse platforms such as Windows, linux and Unix.
Sony Creative Software launches two new media production applications, Catalyst Browse and Catalyst Prepare.
Red Hat has leveraged its expertise in open source to integrate some of the best management capabilities available, spanning multiple open source communities.
These solutions include over 650 hours of elite continuing education courses and a library of on-demand video seminars and webinars.
Numerous critical zero-day vulnerabilities might have violated the security of millions of homes and businesses at the global level.
The major feature allows generation of emails and associated documents as well as contracts from a library of clause.
DTT helps restaurants to detect fraud and protect their assets by overlaying data with DTT video to increase security.
CXO Insights
By Howard Stevens, Global GM for Telecoms, SAP
The mobile industry has been challenged by mountains of unstructured data that results in slow response to customer needs which makes it difficult to realize true customer insight.
By Michael Swanick, Global Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences Industry Leader, PwC
Tech-savvy New Entrants including startups as well as major technology, telecom and retail companies are moving fast to capitalize on the change.
By Ramon Millan, SVP & CIO, Carnival Corporation
In the cruise industry, where most of the data centers are on a ship, floating and moving, cloud services face the additional challenges of connectivity.
CIO Viewpoint
Carole Watkins, CHRO, Cardinal Health
HR needs easy, quick social media tools that can assist with talent acquisition, management, feedback & many more.
Sondra Barbour, EVP, Information Systems & Global Solutions, Lockheed Martin
Investing in employees is as important as investing in projects and companies.
Leonard Yip, VP- Information Services, Panda Restaurant Group
One opportunity we face at Panda Restaurant Group is being able to take the raw real-time data of our enterprise system.