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The modern day CFOs are armed with advanced Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) tools that can support many performance methodologies across an organization. Integrating everything from planning, budgeting, and forecasting to financial consolidation, an EPM system analyzes data from many sources—translating plans to results.

Based on the mission and vision of an organization, EPM is changing the game for business today by embracing digital technologies. Deployment options like cloud and mobile has enabled EPM solutions to implement powerful analytics capabilities, bridging the gap between IT and processes. With speed and agility taking over methodologies, metrics, processes, and systems—which are used to monitor and manage the business performance—EPM platforms in a cloud environment reduces IT overhead, while offering optimal system performance and unmatched security.

EPM on cloud presents an integrated analysis and a scalable performance reporting experience, delivering a real-time and single version of the truth. However, enterprises still struggle to leverage all available internal and external data sources to better understand their knowledge-based capitals such as the ability to innovate or respond to customer needs. A successful performance management is not possible without a company’s ability to capture, analyze, and gain insights from data. Most companies collect Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and business metrics to analyze and report the results of their analysis to support management decision making. They take a step further with data warehouses that not only hold KPIs but also large quantities of transactional and operational data, which can be used to extract even more insights.

Further, mobile technology has become pervasive as workers embrace the convenience of anytime, anywhere computing. Finance departments are increasing their focus on mobile, and managers have grown accustomed to the convenience of on-the-go review and approval for important processes such as planning, tax provisioning, and financial closing. As a result, mobile EPM is set to take off with convenience and simpler information-delivery as the driving forces for EPM mobile adoption.

That being said, armed with fresh, accurate, enterprise information from EPM tools, we present to you the 20 Most Promising EPM Solution Providers. We hope this will help your organization discover new ways to optimize business operations and capture new market opportunities.

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