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Spring boarding from a Google research paper a decade back, Hadoop has catapulted to the center of discussions on big data across all technical forums. Storming the big data market, this open source framework’s forte has been eliminating the constraints in storing and processing vast amounts of data. The manifold advantage of Hadoop is in its extensive distributed storage and data processing capabilities, which are very cost-effective. While revolutionizing enterprise data management architectures, Hadoop is pegged at being the default market standard for business intelligence.

In the coming days, big data’s exponential growth reinforced through IoT is set to spur Hadoop’s case, where Hadoop’s massive analysis capabilities can monitor and track parameters and carry out relative analysis across diverse portfolios such as weather forecasts and healthcare statistics. In the backdrop of the high cost pricing models offered by reputed IT organizations for big data management, the need is for Hadoop vendors who can deliver robust capabilities, tools and innovative solutions economically and impart know-how on critical success factors for related Hadoop technologies and improved deployment.

Though the advantages abound, Hadoop’s steep learning curve and the lack of skilled talent for implementation presents complexities for enterprises to leverage its full potential. Over the years, many providers have designed tools that facilitate easier and effective implementation of Hadoop. To elicit the best benefits from among the varied Hadoop solution providers, our editorial team’s endeavour was to evaluate several established vendors, to discern their competencies that promise effective and fast-paced big data management capabilities.

This insightful issue explores the varied solutions and services offered by Hadoop solution providers, along with insights from experts on Hadoop that will help you unravel its mysteries and anchor a competitive edge in the big data continuum.

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Hadoop Solution Providers 2016