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The future of wireless technology embraces soaring connectivity. Just as a shift to 4G wireless technology drove an explosion of smartphone adoption, the fifth-generation, or 5G technology could create a bigger tech revolution. Major players including Verizon marks 2017 to be the aggressive timeline for the commercial deployment of 5G. This will offer 50 times the throughput of the current 4G LTE, latency in the single milliseconds, and the ability to handle more internet-connected devices.

Alongside these developments, the fair co-existence of LTE unlicensed technologies and Wi-Fi will allow better efficiency, better indoor coverage for wireless users, and higher capacity, leading to an enhanced consumer experience. Given the potential for enormous gains in the user experience, consumers and businesses are also using wireless technologies to monitor and control various devices, machines and appliances. These connected devices are the building blocks of IoT. From smart homes to connected cars, Wi-Fi appears to be the most suitable choice for the IoT as it has the potential ability to increase efficiency and security. Additionally, with SDN, Wi-Fi enables unified policy management as IoT device traffic can be scanned and secured at the network entry point.

Today, new connected devices and applications not only escalate wireless bandwidth demand, they drive market growth for innovative network and wireless products, services, and standards. Meanwhile, the rapid growth of urbanization is propelling businesses to utilize wireless technologies for increased mobility, superfast operating speed, and ultra secure methodology. However, with numerous IoT wireless standards deployed in the market, choosing the right wireless connectivity technology for different applications can be quite challenging. Keeping in mind faster growth, greater flexibility, and higher profitability, we bring to you a choicest cluster of the wireless solution providers. We hope this information will help you boost productivity through improved information sharing, mobility, responsiveness, and network expansion.

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