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Jason Wells, Founder and Managing Director
Although businesses are eager to invest in AI, many are learning the hard way about the difficulties of hiring the proper people, implementing the appropriate technology, and keeping their new systems running smoothly.

AI Dev Lab solves these problems by bringing together experts in machine learning, AI strategy, software engineering, and mathematics. The company's diverse project teams are unrivaled in delivering small MVPs or large-scale initiatives by focusing on product market fit, which ensures real-world success.

With a product-centric focus, AI Dev Lab delivers machine learning solutions that account for business strategy, user acceptance, and process workflows. AI Dev Lab founder, Jason Wells, infuses his product strategy experience as the CEO of a SaaS startup, SVP at Sony, and a management consultant at AT Kearney into machine learning development projects.

At its core, AI Dev Lab believes machine learning at scale starts with a deep understanding of each client's business, its needs, and its industry. Every project step is evaluated through the lens of four questions: what, why, how, and when? By keeping the human- AI interface in mind at all times, AI Dev Lab streamlines project processes, giving clients a complete solution that improves on what they already have or builds something entirely new.

"When we start a project," says Wells, "we first understand the user, the use case, the value proposition, the data, and how the human interacts with the AI. Initially, we tackle the smallest problems or opportunities that produce the most value. Clients get results fast without big budgets and long-term contracts."

AI Dev Lab's flexible resource allocation ensures the best balance between costs and results. Team members are selected based on specific expertise, with a blend of senior and junior level onshore and offshore engineers.
Specialists include PhD-level architects, machine learning engineers, data engineers, full-stack MEAN/MERN developers, and MLOps professionals. Through cross-discipline collaboration, AI Dev Lab produces a much better AI solution. Clients get a full roster of AI problem solvers for the cost of hiring one US resource.

AI Dev Lab is an expert in many areas of machine learning, such as computer vision, graph databases, natural language processing, prediction, automation, and recommendation engines.

We tackle the smallest problems or opportunities that produce the most value. Clients get results fast without big budgets and long-term contracts

For instance, a Fortune 100 firm wanted to dramatically increase the number of product videos they produced but faced cost constraints and the time-consuming process of writing scripts. They approached AI Dev Lab, hoping that artificial intelligence could help write voice-over scripts. With nothing more than an idea, AI Dev Lab's Natural Language Processing (NLP) engineers built a proof of concept within 90 days, and an automated writing assistant was released a few months later. Now, a product manager can write a 500-word video script in just a few minutes, increasing production by more than 300 percent with the same budget.

A startup brought an idea to AI Dev Lab for a truly intelligent gift recommendation application powered by artificial intelligence. They wanted to help consumers discover the perfect gift that matched a person's interests, hobbies, and style. AI Dev Lab designed the data requirements, and the application development team built the web and mobile sites. The AI-generated recommendations lifted the app to the top of Product Hunt.

The National Science Foundation (NSF) has awarded the company contracts to improve the employability of mentally challenged adults. Other NSF grant research includes AI-assisted prescriptions for general anxiety disorder and rural healthcare staffing.

AI Dev Lab

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Jason Wells, Founder and Managing Director

AI Dev Lab builds artificial intelligence products for startups and Fortune 100 companies. They bring decades of strategy and business savvy to AI development and implementation. Work with the best minds in artificial intelligence to turn your idea into a fully-fledged AI application.

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