AireSpring: Eliminating the UC Vendor 'Blame Game'

Avi Lonstein, CEO
Today’s businesses face the challenge of integrating increasingly complex communication solutions into their corporate environments. Many have components from multiple vendors that may or may not play well together. An example is the integration of various software-based UC applications with WAN, LAN, and SIP Trunking dependencies. Companies become frustrated with the complexity of trying to implement solutions from multiple vendors while ensuring all the elements work together properly. “While these solutions are all supposed to be ‘plug and play,’ it unfortunately doesn’t always work that way in real world environments,” says Avi Lonstein, AireSpring CEO. “Even in the most sophisticated corporate networks, these issues are real problems that eat up significant operational resources.”

AireSpring addresses these issues by delivering a single vendor, end-to-end solution across multiple UC options, elegantly integrated with fully managed WAN connectivity. The company offers three categories of UC services: AirePBX™ Cloud Phone System, AireContact® Cloud Contact Center Software, and AireSIP Trunking. All UC solutions are layered over AireSpring’s managed connectivity options, including secure MPLS Mesh™, to simplify the integration of cloud communications solutions to IP networks. This single vendor approach allows customers to avoid the finger pointing that occurs when UC services are delivered by different vendors than the connectivity providers.

AirePBX is a full-featured cloud business phone system which delivers professional communication capabil-ities while significantly reducing communication costs. As a complete UC solution, AirePBX includes a cutting edge mobile client for iOS and Android, full voice and video support, presence, voicemail, seamless transfer between devices while a call is in progress, and more.

Another AireSpring UC solution is their AireContact cloud contact center software. Gone are the days when customers would communicate with a call center only via telephone. “Today’s customers expect to reach someone across multiple channels, such as web chat, email, text, or social media in addition to the telephone,” says Lonstein.
“Our solution includes skills-based routing, call recording, detailed call control, drag and drop IVR management, and more. AireContact offers call reporting and analytics, alongside a sophisticated wallboard for a real-time snapshot of current status in the contact center.”

AireSpring is one of the few companies to have built true integration between their solutions. The AirePBX platform and AireContact software can be deployed together, eliminating the challenges of interactions between the contact center software and the PBX. For customers who prefer an on-premises solution, AireSpring’s SIP Trunking provides high quality and high capacity connectivity to the PSTN. The solution also offers advanced security options, including TLS and SRTP, which are often important for HIPAA and PCI compliance.

Most cloud solutions force customers to rely on the unpredictability of the public internet; AireSpring offers connectivity to its private advanced IP network, including router configuration and management. This managed connectivity helps deliver consistent voice quality and 24/7 network monitoring for customers’ UC solutions. AireSpring’s world-class Network Operations Center (NOC) utilizes the AireNMS network monitoring service to rapidly notify both AireSpring’s internal team as well as customers in the event of an issue.

AireSpring doesn’t rest on its laurels and is developing new features and functionality for AireContact and AirePBX, as well as further integrations with leading cloud software providers in the CRM, workforce management, and sales force management categories. The company is also increasing its API, business intelligence, and analytics capabilities. To further protect customer’s cloud solutions, AireSpring is adding features to their suite of disaster recovery and security options.

“No matter how outstanding the UC feature set, if the quality of the overall experience suffers when users experience poor call quality, network reliability issues, or software incompatibility, the value proposition plummets and it leaves a bad experience for the user,” says Lonstein. “The reliability of our network and single vendor approach provide businesses confidence in adopting UC solutions.”


Van Nuys, CA

Avi Lonstein, CEO

AireSpring provides fully managed and connected end-to-end, next-generation solutions for multi-location enterprise customers, including Cloud Contact Center, Cloud Business Phone System, SIP Trunking, MPLS, and Internet

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