AlignAlytics: A Hybrid Approach to Business Consulting

Roland Mosimann, President
Business consulting should be more than just helping enterprises diagnose problems and recommend practical actions. A good consultant shouldn’t just offer recommendations for solving a problem; they should provide a sustainable solution for their clients. This is the premise behind today’s rising trend of hybrid business consulting, and leading the way is AlignAlytics.

AlignAlytics started as a strategy consultancy in the early 1990s with its founding partners from firms like McKinsey & Company, Bain & Company and Oliver Wyman. These early experiences in manually intensive, datadriven analysis led to a conviction; “there has to be a better way” to provide insights for decisionmaking than PowerPoint reports, which are not only static but have such a short shelf life. This is how AlignAlytics vision of using technology to enable sustained analytic insights was born.

Over time, they recognized common patterns in terms of the most impactful insights and decisions, as well as which data sources were needed, to help enterprises drive sustained value creation through revenue growth, margin improvement, and cash efficiency. Learning from those patterns, AlignAlytics developed reusable ‘analytic assets’ and a hybrid business model to bundle their expert advisory services with ‘leave behind’ digital solutions.

“We bridge the gap between traditional management consulting and technology enabled execution to create sustainable ongoing analytics capabilities for companies,” says Roland Mosimann, president of AlignAlytics.

Mosimann compares most effective data analytics competencies with a three-legged stool. The first leg is data integration, the foundational factor to ensure that critical data from multiple sources are stitched together into a single, meaningful source of information. The second leg is data science, responsible for harnessing the power of AI and ML to convert raw data into actionable insights. The third leg is data storytelling and arguably the most important. Data storytellers are responsible for determining the business problem, aligning the data and analytics capabilities to devise a sound strategy, and effectively communicating insights through a clear narrative and effective visualizations. Analytics without actionable insights is just theory.

Making better, faster decisions is how data creates value. So, at any given moment, all three teams and competencies need to be perfectly aligned to drive value through data. One of AlignAlytics’s fortes is customerproduct profitability analytics. Used as a business portfolio diagnostic, it uncovers profit improvement opportunities from precision pricing and selling, as well as product simplification and complexity reduction.

We bridge the gap between traditional management consulting and technology enabled execution to create sustainable ongoing analytics capabilities for companies

It also drives cash improvements from working capital prioritization and capital reallocation. The key is to bring together detailed financial general ledger (GL) data with transactional enterprise resource planning (ERP) data and commercial customer relationship management (CRM) data, along with contextualized data around activity and cost drivers. That allows a business to get directional P&Ls by customer and product enabling the businesses to look at opportunities through a completely different lens.

Another area of expertise is AlignAlytics’s focus on analytics to drive end-to-end supply chain transparency to reduce inefficiencies and extra costs. These analytic insights also provide verifiable environmental, social, and governance (ESG) reporting and, guide actions for reducing a company’s carbon footprint across Scope 1, 2 and especially 3.

AlignAlytics’s longstanding history of working remotely to extract, integrate, and generate insights became a key advantage for its clients during the pandemic. This more flexible way of working has continued and ensures that engagements are lean and agile, with rapid time to value and, especially enable, ongoing value. This is the reason AlignAlytics is one of the most coveted data analytics solution providers.


Philadelphia, PA and London, UK

Roland Mosimann, President

AlignAlytics is a hybrid consulting firm that bundles expert advisory services with ‘leave behind’ digital solutions to help enterprises achieve competitive success and drive sustained value creation