Alysian: Delivering successful outcomes with Digital Transformation

Stephen Craig, Managing Partner
With unparalleled disruption and market instability of today’s times, transformation delves around the need to generate new value—to drive new growth, reveal new opportunities, and deliver new efficiencies. Digital transformation plays a key role in growth initiatives and cost reductions to increase a company’s top line. However, most digital transformation endeavors fail due to the inability to balance business and IT, poor planning and execution of right processes, and lack of experts for the end-to-end outcome. Numerous studies have shown that roughly 70 percent of the projects fail to meet their ultimate objectives.

Alysian, a London and Miami based digital transformation consulting firm with global delivery capability, has the answers to the aforementioned problems. The firm developed full scale, end-to-end framework for delivering digital transformation and IT projects, carve-outs, company separations, and M&A. It operates when there is a complex digital and IT program in play where growth and efficiency take center stage because of a change. Due to the nature of the programs that Alysian operates in, it has a track record of designing and running global transformation programs that roll out across numerous countries. The company came into existence when former McKinsey and BCG consultants along with a former global CIO began a pilot project to help a private equity firm with a large, complex separation, and transformation projects. Over the years, Alysian has catered to telecom industries, consumer packaged goods (CPGs), financial services, and private equity-based companies.

“We have a vault of templates, tools, and re-usable examples used in global digital transformation programs that greatly increases the chances of success from 30 percent to 90 percent,” explains Stephen Craig, Managing Partner, Alysian. The consultancy firm follows a flexible delivery model by helping to orchestrate, coordinate, select an ecosystem of partners, and deliver successful outcomes.

In carve-out programs, some of the key carve-out concerns of Alysian comprise of ensuring business continuity, a timely separation within the budget constraints, and EBITDA optimization. In addition, organizations also pursue agile transformations due to the benefits it brings along with it. Alysian can help the organization to incorporate adaptability and efficiency through a comprehensive and iterative approach. It aids in transforming businesses to include a vision, a design, and an operating model.
Presently, Alysian has ten ongoing projects wherein it implemented a global, e-commerce digital solution that directly interacts with consumers in B2C and the B2B2C model. Several organizations face high failure rates while undertaking large transformational programs to remain competitive. However, projects fail due to a lack of balance between the business and IT perspectives, causing an imbalance, which Alysian helps manage with solid risk management and improved governance.
The consultants at Alysian have more than 20 years of experience comprising both the client and vendor sides, which serves as the consultancy firm’s fundamental value proposition. The firm also offers advice on the best technologies and solution providers to meet the clients’ needs while playing a central role in the execution assurance.

One example of the company’s ability to deliver the quickest global separation projects within budget and time constraints while meeting clients’ needs is that of collaboration with a leading beauty products brand. The company had fourteen months to separate and undergo a digital transformation of the business to the cloud. The solution provided by Alysian was to set up the approach, strategy, and governance. It helped select the partners and negotiate the respective contracts. Additionally, the firm assured a timely execution with quality solutions and services within the budget restrictions.

Our company comprises of executives with more than twenty years of experience. We know how these transformations evolve and can help our clients see the journey throughout the entire life cycle of the transformation mission

Alysian’s far-sighted vision is venturing into the advanced analytics space using artificial intelligence to serve the customers better and improve their experience while increasing the wallet span of each customer. The firm aims to be a one-stop shop for an all-around digital transformation to alleviate the intricacies of entanglement with the parent company.


London, GB

Stephen Craig, Managing Partner

Alysian is a global digital business transformation consulting firm that developed an end-to-end framework and competence for delivering digital transformation and technology projects. It provides businesses with technologies, agility, and expertise to best position them for the future and enable them to rapidly turn ideas into business value. The company delivers projects and initiatives to clients in the telecom, CPG, and financial services sectors.