Avahi: Driving Change with Cloud-First Strategy and AI Solutions

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Jack Singh, Founder
The biggest challenge that leading companies face today in the Artificial Intelligence (AI) space is the lack of data. And even if they are able to procure the data, data management is a task easier said than done. Businesses, to this end, need to access large amounts of data and manage them for training their AI models and making them more accurate.

That’s where Avahi can help.

Avahi’s platform allows organizations to easily collect, store, and manage their data. The company also provides tools to help clients analyze their data and build accurate and reliable AI models. Additionally, it provides a suite of services that help businesses deploy and manage their AI models in production.

“We follow a cloud-first strategy to develop and deploy AIdriven solutions that enable organizations to quickly and easily access, analyze, and act on data,” says Jack Singh, founder, Avahi.

Avahi's AI solutions are designed to help organizations gain insights from their data, automate processes, and make better decisions. It also enables organizations to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and improve customer experience. The company’s services in the AI space—from AI-driven automation and analytics to AI-powered decision-making and optimization—are designed to help organizations unlock the potential of AI and drive new growth opportunities.

Avahi’s services are tailored to the specific needs of each organization, allowing them to maximize the value of their AI investments. The company also provides consulting services to help organizations develop and implement AI strategies.
Avahi’s team of experts is experienced in the latest AI technologies and can provide guidance on the best approaches for leveraging AI to achieve desired outcomes.

For instance, Avahi helped a healthcare organization improve its existing AI model to 97 percent accuracy by leveraging best practices and industry expertise. It helped the client better detect if a person is under the influence of alcohol or drugs by leveraging a picture of their eyes. The company also helped a non-profit organization connect donors to charities. This was done by leveraging the AI and ML services provided by AWS and tailoring the right solution.

We follow a cloud-first strategy to develop and deploy AI-driven solutions that enable organizations to quickly and easily access, analyze, and act on data

The distinct features that give Avahi a competitive edge include a unique service offering, superior customer service, a strong brand presence, and a competitive pricing strategy. Additionally, the company differentiates itself by offering innovative solutions, leveraging technology, and providing a superior customer experience.

“We provide multiple ways for customers to engage with us. Using AWS and other third-party products, we can deliver a cohesive solution addressing customer needs,” says Singh.


San Francisco, CA

Jack Singh, Founder

Avahi assists organizations in realizing the advantages of a cloud-first strategy and accelerating the time to market for new goods and services while lowering the expenses of planning, creating, deploying, and maintaining their products and services