Real Time Analytics To Fulfill Consumer Needs

Peter Girgis, CIO & VP IT, Dunn-Edwards Corporation
Peter Girgis, CIO & VP IT, Dunn-Edwards Corporation

Peter Girgis, CIO & VP IT, Dunn-Edwards Corporation

Challenges in Technology in Manufacturing Sector and its Solutions

The big challenge that I see for the manufacturing sector is being able to provide the agility on the production floor to quickly adapt to the changing needs of the marketplace. As consumers continue to become more sophisticated and demanding in their unique needs, there will be significant benefits to manufactures who can predict and fulfill these consumer needs much faster than can be done today. This requires advanced, real-time analytics, tied to the demand forecasting/replenishment process.

Solutions to look forward to :

A) Advances in real time analytics both from a capability to manage large data sets and provide meaningful/actionable data.
B) Real-time integration of social data that allows for manufactures to have a much better pulse of how their customers are reacting to their products. Allowing for the manufacturers to quickly adapt to customer demands/feedback by developing new products or services to fulfill.

Technologies giving competitive edge in the Manufacturing sector

Manufactures should have technology that provides us with greater visibility into our customers/competitors. Understanding customer patterns/trends as well as the competitive landscape of products & pricing. Knowing what our customers & competitors are doing in almost real time would be a huge advantage.

Overcoming challenges to make job easier

We are constantly working on optimizing our business processes through technology. What this really comes down to is that we have enough technology either implemented or available. However, our business process integrating with the technology is where we will constantly need to improve and tweak. You can have the best systems in the world, but if you don’t optimize your processes to leverage the technology you will constantly be challenged. This is where an IT organization can truly differentiate itself in supporting business growth by understanding and helping to enhance business processes.

Technology trends Impacting Enterprise Business Environment and Manufacturing Industry

From a logistics perspective, what Amazon local is doing is pretty exciting. Given an infrastructure that would allow for nationwide, same day delivery of product, I could see our business being able to scale into markets we were previously not able to.

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