CorporateTech: Melding IT Services with the Latest Technologies

Nima Sajadi, CEO
The IT industry grapples with technical and regulatory issues, especially in companies with less-developed or legacy infrastructures. Many IT leaders work to find a balance between network availability and power stability on the one hand while addressing information privacy aspects on the other. Cybersecurity is, of course, another challenge. How can they comply with the regulatory requirements of multiple countries as they change and stay secure in a dynamic environment when developing new functionalities?

The team at CorporateTech comprehends this need and delivers flexible, cutting-edge technology while standardizing processes as much as possible, engaging in digital transformation, and operating globally. CorporateTech was founded in 1999 to help organizations overcome their challenges of managing new technologies and in-house IT teams cost effectively. The CorporateTech team, as an MSSP, aims to revamp IT process, security and infrastructure to comprehensively meet client needs.

“We understand that no business is the same, so we embrace what makes your company unique by tailoring our IT service to fit your exact needs and budget,” says Nima Sajadi, CEO of CorporateTech.

The organization has structured its departments and teams so that every customer has access to help desks, field engineers, coordinators, sales executives, and other personnel. The range of services CorporateTech provides goes beyond catering to clients’ technology and security requirements. The MSSP also provides subject-matter expert advice to clients to help them achieve the most out of their existing systems. CorporateTech also partners with third-party firms to cover bases the internal team sometimes cannot. For example, some clients a patchwork of legacy systems and CorporateTech leverages Intotoware's Hybrid cloud Infrastructure as a service platform for its fully integrated and pre-architected features to help migrate their clients to the cloud.
Their partnership with Intotoware allows CorporateTech to focus on service delivery and client needs while relieving them of the burden of back-end software management and allows them to focus on their core business.

CorporateTech’s services encompass the entire gamut of IT services and the team also advises clients on growth strategies and scaling their IT infrastructure. “We help them scale without a drastic increase in their budget. Instead of hiring full-time employees, our team works with the client’s staff to help with the scaling,” adds Sajadi. CorporateTech’s expertise spans multiple industries, including law firms, car rental organizations, government agencies, and many more.

We help them scale without a drastic increase in their budget. Instead of hiring full-time employees, our team works with the client’s staff to help with the scaling

CorporateTech has restructured and standardized the IT infrastructure of many large enterprises to bring them closer to achieving their goals. The IT service provider worked with a similar organization during their scaling operations and provided engineers to help expand their user base. Although the client was scaling at a phenomenal rate of over 3000% a year, CorporateTech stayed parallel to their growth and transferred some of its internal team to work as the client’s full-time employees.

CoporateTech’s services are not restricted to a one-way relationship with clients. The team abides by a culture of cooperation and prioritizes listening to and understanding a client’s needs before offering a solution. The firm follows up with customers irrespective of the partnership’s timeline. The proactive meetings provides CorporateTech an insight into the client’s work and the direction they are heading and guide them to achieve a sustainable growth pattern. CorporateTech spends adequate time understanding the audits of its clientele to understand their stance in the market before helping them efficiently meet their goals.


Irvine, CA

Nima Sajadi, CEO

CorporateTech is an IT service company that focuses on providing client-centric services that benefit them both financially and also in the technological realm. The company concentrates on customizing consultations and services according to the needs of the client to set a long term relationship with them