Eco-friendly Roofing Materials are the Way to Go
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Eco-friendly Roofing Materials are the Way to Go

Trudy Seeger, Architect, Perkins Perferred Roofing

Most homeowners have become environmentally-conscious and they are looking for sustainable and recyclable roofing materials while updating and refurbishing their homes. Today there is a huge demand for green roofing materials and everyone is opting for them with absolutely no exception. Everyone cares about the environment and people are prepared to spend a little more on green roofing materials but they want to save the environment from encountering harsh manufacturing techniques and harmful wastes.

You must examine the roofing materials’ hail ratings, warranties, and fire ratings etc. before making the final choice. You must also get in touch with your insurance agent and find out if the material you are thinking of buying would qualify for any discount specifically, on the homeowner’s insurance policy that you have taken.

For re-roofing your home, it is most likely that you would require a building permit and you would need to pass an inspection. You must make sure that the roofing product you have chosen is actually, approved by your building department. Here are some of the green roofing materials, you could choose from.

  ​Today there is a huge demand for green roofing materials and everyone is opting for them with absolutely no exception   

Eco-friendly Metal Roofing

Metal roofing or cool roof is a popular eco-friendly roofing material. The metal roofs are excellent for people living in hotter climatic areas as these could make a huge difference in their energy bills. The recycled metal roofing is good for repelling light rays thus, very effective in reducing your home’s indoor temperature. The eco-friendly metal roofing does not absorb heat from the sun. Choose a manufacturer who is known to utilize the maximum amount of recycled products. You could choose metal roofing made from aluminum, copper or even steel. These are long-lasting and many of them would be lasting for as many as 100 years. When the metal roof is completely worn out, it could be recycled.

Recycled Shingles

A regular shingle that is manufactured from asphalt would be lasting for up to two decades and they are recycled on very rare occasions. So, recycled asphalt shingles prove to be pretty expensive. When you are using recycled shingles, you must understand that they are produced from items which have already been reclaimed, and could otherwise, be very much in a landfill. Recycled shingles would be lasting for five decades. This implies that you would not require replacing the roofing for quite some time. Recycled shingles have been manufactured from ground asphalt shingles which have been eliminated from homes or were job-site left-over.

Solar Power Shingles

This kind of roofing shingle seems to be hugely popular and is a great way of implementing solar power and integrating it into your unique home roofing design. These shingles have been specifically manufactured for resembling the typical asphalt roofing shingles. However, they are the home solar panels.

Clay and Slate

Slate and clay are fully natural roofing materials that have been in vogue for decades now. They are highly efficient with electricity and are not toxic. When it is time to get these slate or clay roofing tiles replaced, these could be recycled easily without generating any pollutants to enter the atmosphere. Both clay and slate are long-lasting materials and would be going strong if taken proper care of.

Going Green with Green Roofs

Green roofing materials work out best in large roofs as they are certainly more prevalent predominantly in the urban areas. A membrane would be installed on the roofing for allowing soil that could be added up on top of it. This implies that from now on you could plant trees, plants, and flowers. They would be lasting for about 50 years. They are truly effective in insulation. Plants and also flowers would be absorbing the moisture and the heat from the roof.

Green roofing is supposed to be an alternative roofing solution that could be attained by growing a precisely designed roof garden. These roofs are known to make a remarkable contribution towards effective storm water management, reduction in rainwater runoff toxicity, and enhancing the air quality.


There are numerous factors to consider while buying eco-friendly roofing materials. There is a broad spectrum of green roofing materials available in the market today. So you need to do a proper evaluation and comparison for making the right choice.

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