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Julio Olivares, CEO & Founder
Governmental organizations worldwide are facing several challenges as administrative, executive, and judicial bodies are slowly incorporating electronic work environments. Public services users stand in need of modifying and segregating their documents, whilst finding greater accuracy of information and faster speed of response and more distribution options, keeping in mind the pressure to reduce costs. The document technology of Suwanee, GA based DocPath allows these organizations to efficiently and securely cover the entire cycle of its documentation, from archiving and retrieving large amounts of documents to designing, generating, and distributing these documents across a wide variety of channels. “Among other features, we help public service users to access and complete forms online and receive personalized documentation rapidly through different channels, such as instant online previews and email,” says Julio Olivares, DocPath CEO and Founder.

DocPath provides document software solutions that are geared towards the new generation of users. According to Olivares, businesses of all sizes and sectors are facing a major challenge pertaining to processing the ever-increasing volume of documents. “DocPath OutputDynamics is a recently launched Document Output Management solution, covering the design, generation, pre-processing and post-processing of documents. The solution is specifically designed to meet the expectations of those organizations, of any sector, that manage large volumes of documents and require advanced capabilities to meet the everchanging expectations of today´s customers and service users,” adds Olivares.

DocPath also offers an array of solutions to help organizations grow their commerce. The firm’s Business Suite Pro helps clients with easy-to-use document software for designing professional documents, with advanced document generation capabilities, while DocPath’s WebDocs Generation is a powerful Cloud-based document generation and distribution system that allows users to generate documents in real time and online. “We also ensure uninterrupted access to product notifications and latest upgrades and downloads, skilled support professionals attending our clients and an extensive knowledge base of selfhelp capabilities,” explains Olivares.
The company also indulges in consulting the clients´ both prior and post implementation of their unique software.

DocPath OutputDynamics is a recently launched Document Output Management solution,covering the design, generation, preprocessing and postprocessing of documents

DocPath’s technology has recently been able to respond to the document requirements of a partially publicly funded health care group whose hospitals are located in different Spanish provinces. The group wanted to improve its patient services and optimize its corporate resources by unifying the documentation of the different hospitals of its network. They opted for DocPath´s technology, specifically the Remote Office Printing solution, which now enables authorized employees from different hospitals to remotely request the generation of a specific document or form, which they can then print and/or view on their local computer.

During the last five years, DocPath has made extensive investments to update their products and solutions. “We believe that document software will continue to evolve and that the use of Cloud-based solutions will expand dramatically, while in-house processes will still be the key to customers´ need to protect the confidentiality of their information. We are working towards solutions that will match those requirements making the base system just a matter of configuration for our customers,” Olivares asserts.

For the days ahead, the company aims to continue its transition. “Twenty years ago, we were a company building simple, low cost products that enabled companies to eliminate their pre-printed stationary (forms),” elucidates Olivares. “Today, we offer customers around the world innovative and exceptional document software solutions.” DocPath’s team aims to offer powerful software to serve a wider audience for the years to come while expanding their software offering and preparing new modules to deal with specific aspects, such as information security and more distribution options.


Suwanee, GA

Julio Olivares, CEO & Founder

Providing flexible, complete and yet easy-to-use document software solutions that are geared towards the new generation of users.