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Peter Hermans, CEO
With rapid advancements in technology and businesses expanding across geographical boundaries, multinational companies are subject to a broad spectrum of regulations and laws, both at home and in new foreign locations. With more organizations entering the global marketplace, complying with ever-changing environmental, health and safety (EHS) regulations can be a daunting experience. The challenge is not only the sheer volume of existing regulations, changes in these current regulations and new forth-coming regulations, but also in addressing local complexities such as language and cultural differences specific to different countries. Research by Arcadis, a consultancy firm, reveals that 75 percent of multinational companies across various sectors have yet to create real value from their EHS functions. This is where Enhesa comes in. Enhesa helps multinational companies stay ahead of the game through comprehensive insights and analysis on EHS regulatory developments worldwide. With 20+ years of experience in its niche sector, the company provides key regulatory intelligence and EHS compliance assurance for 280+ jurisdictions worldwide. “Our mission is to help organizations radically improve their compliance value chain, while managing risks, saving time and money, in addition to increasing the quality of compliance programs,” says Peter Hermans, CEO, Enhesa.

Today, most global organizations are struggling to ensure that their local sites are compliant and up-to-date with regulations. No matter where your business operates globally, Enhesa offers a consolidated, multilingual, and enterprise-wide approach to manage EHS, all backed by advanced technology. The company’s global, corporate solutions create a convenient and simple user experience that can be used by everyone in the company from corporate to the site level. “We not only provide a global outlook in understanding local nuances in regulations and enforcement but also help companies save significantly from investments in local compliance agencies or complex audit tools,” explains Hermans.

For detailed compliance guidance, Enhesa’s Compliance Intelligence service offers structured summaries of regulations per jurisdiction, broken down into clear, actionable requirements, while also flagging updates regularly. Enhesa screens only relevant regulations and displays regulatory citations and required documentation for utmost user benefit.
Compliance Intelligence is delivered either as an XML data feed, an audit scorecard, or via the Enhesa compliance dashboard, whichever is most convenient for the client. They take regulatory management to another level through Enhesa’s Regulatory Forecaster service enabling companies to keep track of emerging regulatory issues, laws, proposals, or policies. Through this service, Enhesa delivers regular reports, monthly email alerts, and company-specific analysis.

Positively impacting Global EHS Compliance while simultaneously improving the value chain, managing risks, saving time and lowering costs

Backed by an in-house team of 75 dedicated regulatory analysts from 40+ different countries, Enhesa is the well-established forerunner in next-gen compliance intelligence. Owing to the company’s best-in-class compliance and monitoring service, Enhesa’s core clientele is comprised of top-tier Fortune 500 companies and household names. As an add-on to Enhesa’s services, the company also provides support services that are delivered through regulatory experts and an approved partner network. The hands-on service includes rollout or implementation, training, compliance management, and compliance verification support to further enhance compliance programs at the corporate, regional, and site levels.

The company continuously strives to better its solutions and services by including state-of-the-art technology and improved customer support to exceed client expectations. As global companies grow bigger and more diverse, a steep rise in EHS complexities and costs is unavoidable and needs to be managed properly to avoid disastrous consequences. To achieve a high-performance culture, it is imperative to standardize and globalize common elements and essential functions such as compliance. “Moving forward we want to create a more resounding impact on global EHS compliance by strengthening our dedication to delivering supreme regulatory intelligence that ensures EHS and product compliance worldwide,” ends Hermans.


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Peter Hermans, CEO

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