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CBIG Consulting: Intelligently Powering The Vertical Analytics


Thursday, October 31, 2013

Benita M Todd Nash, President of CBIG Consulting and his leadership team are busy building niche analytics services for various industry verticals. “Vertical analytics services are gaining popularity, as it empowers users to drive core business processes with better decisions and actionable insights specific to their line of business,” says Nash. Hence CBIG Consulting has made it a standard practice to expand its knowledge base, strategically assembling some of the best minds working in data analytics today to develop, test, and implement cutting edge service offerings in business intelligence. Headquartered in Chicago, IL, the company helps organizations gain targeted insights about their enterprise.

CBIG’s leadership team consciously promotes a collaborative, continuing education strategy to stay ahead in the data analytics solutions game. “We actively invest in research, continuing education programs, and a formal internal knowledge sharing program to cross-train staff on the latest technologies, methods and processes. We also conduct regular meetings with industry analysts to discuss emerging trends in the data analytics space,” says Nash. This strategy is a reason CBIG has gained a loyal following of high-profile clients in health care and life sciences, finance and insurance, internet and technology, retail and consumer packaged goods, utilities and telecommunications, higher education and not-for-profit, industrial manufacturing, and transportation. All of these industries are heavily dependent on timely, accurate data to help them better understand and make intelligent decisions about their customers, brand, competitors, operations and market opportunities.

CBIG’s data analytics services address specific market pain points: integrating existing/disparate sources of data, leveraging new sources of data, and integrating existing tech investments with new technologies — with the aim to provide customers with valuable analytics and insights that allow for better, more informed business decisions. CBIG relies on key products and services to accomplish these goals, including strategic assessments, roadmaps, data warehousing solutions, and business intelligence building blocks relating to analytics, reporting, and dashboards. CBIG has also developed proprietary approaches to Big Data planning, architecture, design and implementation, as well as cloud computing.
CBIG is continuously evolving its offerings — its innovations in pre-built analytic modules allow customers to quickly create analytics/reports/visualizations without significantly impacting IT. Recognizing in-house IT’s changing role as a notable side effect, CBIG works to help the business units transform into enablers rather than roadblocks to progress with reduced costs and faster BI outcomes.

Differentiating itself from other cookie-cutter, more well-known consulting groups, CBIG cites a singular focus on BI/Big Data, experience (consultants average 15 years in the industry), field-tested methodologies, experience in implementing more advanced technologies (Hadoop, Cloud, Columnar Databases) that instill panic in the hearts of less proficient teams, and sheer geographic reach.

During the past 12 months, CBIG has added office locations in Austin, TX, Denver, CO and Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Moving forward, CBIG is looking to continue to expand its presence geographically. On the technology side, Nash reiterates CBIG’s strides in developing a series of industry-specific BI and Big Data solutions that will be rolling out in the next six months. As CBIG continues to grow, it hopes to expand the knowledge base by hiring more of the best, most talented BI professionals in the industry, thereby staying ahead of the curve.