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Mobility has undoubtedly transformed the way enterprises function in the modern times. The conventional 9-5 job is no longer a reality as people want to stay connected 24/7. With the advent of consumerization of IT, employees also expect to use their personal devices to access critical business information while on the go. Organizations are waking up to the reality that enterprise mobility can substantially increase productivity. CIOs are thus in a rush to come up with critical mobile applications that can help them leverage this phenomenon. However, not every organization has the required expertise or insight to build an effective mobile strategy from the ground up. Such organizations require the assistance of enterprise mobility solutions providers who can gauge their specific requirements and help them develop effective enterprise apps.

The industry has seen a sudden spurt in the number of enterprise mobility solutions providers who have come up with several platforms that help organizations build their own apps. However, CIOs find it difficult to put their finger on the perfect solutions provider who will fit the bill of their specific needs.

As the navigator for enterprises, CIOReview presents to you the ‘20 Most Promising Enterprise Mobility Solution Providers’. The listing intends to help CIOs find the solutions provider who can help build the perfect app tailored around an enterprise’s specific needs. In the last few months we have looked through several companies to identify the ones that are at the forefront of tackling the enterprise mobility challenges. A distinguished panel comprising of CEOs, CIOs, VCs, industry analysts and the editorial board of CIOReview selected the Final 20.
CIO Mobility Consulting 20
Company Management Founded Description

Appek Mobile
Apps Scranton, PA

Adam Ceresko,  

Founder & CEO

2009 A provider of B2B mobile application development with core expertise in building apps for businesses on iPhone, iPad, Android, and Blackberry devices
Appetizer Mobile             
New york city, NY
Jordan Edelson,       
Founder & CEO
2009 A provider of creative mobile application development, consulting and marketing operating on all major platforms including iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, and Android
Redding, CA          
Mikka Olsson,               
Co-Founder & CEO
2010 A provider of full-service, mobile consulting and development specializing in enterprise applications
Sterling, VA    
Abhi Kunjumole,
2007 A provider of IT services with focus in mobile and web application developement and offering innovative technology solutions to customers
Atlanta, GA
Nash Odgen,
2009 A provider of enterprise mobile application development offering enterprise app development, web and mobile consulting services
Innovate M                                 New York, NY
Craig Marr,
2009 A provider of  mobile based services engaged in the strategy, design, development, deployment and metrics of mobile/social applications, mobile websites, and emerging marketing platforms
Koombea                                   San Fransisco, CA Jonathan Tarud,
2007 A provider of full service technology building powerful technology systems and specializes in iOS development, Android development, and HTML + CSS + JS 
L4 mobile                                  seattle, WA      Keith O' Neill,        
Founder & CEO
2008 A provider of interactive applications for mobile phones, tablets and connected TVs 
New York, NY
Pallavi Singhal, Partner 2008 A provider of comprehensive planning, design, development and maintenance services to various industries and specializes in developing mobile apps, tablet apps and web and e-commerce solutions
Mobile Experience      
Renton, WA 
Max Lakritz,          
Chairman of the Board & CEO
2010 A provider of a flexible platform that enables companies to monitor, capture, and optimize the experience for their subscribers on various mobile device
Mobile Programming LLC       New York, NY Ishwari Singh,             
CEO & Founder
2001 A provider of quality consulting services and custom software development serving clients for more than a decade 
Scottsdale, AZ
Douglas Ralston,            President & CEO 2008 A provider of  a professional suite of managed mobile marketing services allowing customers a single interface and strategy to implement mobile web sites, applications, text messaging and mobile advertising
Mutual Mobile, Inc.      
Austin, Texas
Mickey Ristroph & Tarun Nimmagadda,
2009 A provider of custom software solutions to help clients connect people, processes, and data, from the back office to the point of sale and everywhere in between 
NuVizz Inc.                
Atlanta, GA          
Gururaj Rao,               
2011 A provider of Enterprise Mobile Solution platform and consulting services along with line of business mobile solutions built on their platform
Sigma Solve                 
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Alvin Butler,                          President & CEO 2003 A provider of full-services solutions including site design, strategic analysis, marketing, logistics, interactive media, custom programming and integrated e-Commerce, and search engine optimization
Soliant Consulting  
Chicago, IL
Bob Bowers,              
CEO & Co-founder
2004 A provider of custom software and mobile applications that support business process improvement in organizations around the U.S.
Solstice Mobile                 Chicago, IL     
J.Schwan                          Founder & CEO 2001 A provider of enterprise innovation and mobility solutions delivering engaging strategies and products to global clients
Worry Free Labs Inc. 
New York, NY
Paul Choi, CEO 2005 A provider of mobile user experience design & development that helps a diverse range of startups and enterprises bring fresh ideas to life 
 BlueFletch Mobile Consulting                 
Atlanta, GA   
Brett Cooper,                            Partner & CEO 2008 A provider of mobile consulting services that specializes in mobile integration strategy, cross platform strategy and legacy systems integration strategy
Sidebench Studios              
Los Angeles, CA
Kevin Yamazaki,          
2012 A provider of mobile-focused strategy, design, and development to help clients create engaging, cohesive digital brand experiences across screens of every shape and size, all under one roof