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CRAM: The Game Changer in Digital Security


Wednesday, April 2, 2014

CR Team Hacked and stolen data has grabbed the headlines. Major corporations and huge government agencies are losing control of precious information -- the economic, political, and reputational damage have been staggering. Industry, government, and major public institutions are in a near panic to avoid being the next Target, Department of Homeland Security, or other front page victims of hackers.

Cloud computing, heralded as the safe, efficient alternative to traditional security and storage, has in fact opened up new pathways for hackers to steal or damage data. Among the most vulnerable links in the data flow chain is the transfer of files to and from the Cloud environment. Whether your data stays at home or moves in & out of the Clouds, the risk of being hacked is ever present today. A cyber-tech arms race is underway to find a sliver bullet to secure and protect critical data once and for all.

Enter CRAM

Based in Minneapolis, CRAM WorldWide's corporate motto is Your Data Is Safe. Period. This bold confidence grows from the company's revolutionary approach to cloud storage and data security through a product called "Multi-Cloud".

"It is the modern-day paper shredder for digital information. We shred your data, shrink the size, convert it into a proprietary format, encrypt and disperse into multiple cloud locations. We believe we've changed the game, and the tests are proving us right," says Daren Klum, Founder and CEO of the company. Klum has an impressive track record, having previously built companies around leading edge technologies. He knows how to bring powerful new products to market.

Daren Klum's first company, venture backed LiquidCool Solutions, is a pioneer in submersion cooling technology for high demand, harsh environment computing (sand, sea, desert). It is being broadly adopted by data centers and heat intensive mobile server environments.

Today, Klum personally leads day-to-day development and deployment of CRAM, leveraging a test-and-buy business model that addresses the immediacy of Big Data's need for a new level of security.
CRAM's patent-pending technology offers the most secure platform available for digital protection, data archival and moving large volumes of data more efficiently. Applications include a unique process to distribute confidential data without the risk of being breached. CRAM technology is of particular interest to military, medical, legal, financial and business data clients.

How Does It Work?

The concept behind CRAM is elegantly simple. The core product, Multi-Cloud, shreds, shrinks, and converts data to a random format. It then encrypts each shred using NIST certified encryption and randomly distributes the encrypted shreds across the global data server environment. The customer may choose from any or all storage options (Rackspace, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, private clouds, hybrid or even the companies proprietary storage).

CRAM's simple solution: Imagine a thief gets into your business and opens your safe. What they will find with CRAM is shredded information. Your data is safe. Period.

Cram has recently moved from closely vetted alpha testing to on-site beta trial runs. Intense interest in the commercial version of CRAM is coming from large banks, hospitals and several agencies of the Federal government. The company has won the confidence of many investors, including the co-founder of United Healthcare and the investment fund of St. Thomas University.

CRAM is confident it has developed the best technology to secure all the world's data. Installation for initial pipeline customers is currently underway. The data security market is in for a big change.