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Cloud Computing: The Phenomenon is Here to Stay


Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Hosna Keyhan Based in Plano, Texas, NebuLogic Technologies, LLC, (NebuLogic) is a leading provider of hosted and enterprise class CRM and CX solutions using Oracle RightNow, Siebel On Premise, Fusion CRM and other CX class application. NebuLogic products include an extensive list of value-add and integration components for faster and economical solutions, while their implementation Services include but not limited to definition to deployment as
well as post-production Hosting, Support and Maintenance services.

The term Cloud Computing has been creating a buzz for quite sometime. This phenomenon is here to stay as more and more applications are becoming cloud aware and are going to be available as SaaS offerings. The phenomenal success of Cloud applications like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc have given birth to entirely a new business echo system called "social networking". The traditional business world should take note of this evolution and make Cloud as the front and center of their expansion plan, because a face off with the Cloud is inevitable!

Cloud provides us both with tremendous opportunities and enormous challenges. It certainly could ignite a new excitement and enthusiasm in the IT sector and fuel a resurgence of good old days of Dotcom era. Of course, this time around we have learnt from the past to avoid the dotcom blues! That said, a few companies have already taken lead in migrating applications that existed traditionally within the enterprise space to SaaS model, while others have adopted SaaS first policy to slowly but surely move to the Cloud completely.

Big Data in the Cloud and the

Internet Evolution, Increased user acceptance, high availability, speed, security, trust along with enhanced legal protections are some of the evolutional changes that are taking place and making Internet as the single most used channel of communication across the globe. Add to this, the increase in popularity of smart devices such as phones, tablets and phablets, these devices only direct the limelight towards the Cloud.

Big data has expanded beyond transactional and web data to include information from devices such as sensors and utilities that make up the internet of things. The sky of data sources may seem endless, but it's forming a large Cloud bank of big data. Enterprises should be ready to analyze data in the Cloud and should evaluate the skills and processes they need in order to take advantage of this infrastructure which has over time become more secure.

Advancing towards the complexities, integration of application in the Cloud infrastructure proves to be a challenge in many ways. When it comes to Cloud application integration, it is important to determine not only who will be doing the work but also how complex the business logic is and what kinds of data exchange protocols are involved.

Cloud application administrators expect a high-degree of self-service, agility and the same holds true for Cloud integration. A SoA approach to Cloud application integration must deliver all the benefits of the native approach by reducing the development, provisioning, deployment, support, maintenance, and upgrade challenges. The right approach is a multichannel and multitenant Cloud integration service that offers the same ease of use and rapid deployment that a Cloud application delivers. This new way is rapidly gaining ground in enterprises of all sizes, and is keeping up with the ever-changing ways of the Cloud. With the emergence of Integration Platform As A Service (iPaaS), more and more IT organizations are embracing a "cloud-first" approach. We have anticipated some of these implementation and integration challenges and have developed an unified integration framework called NCADF® (NebuLogic Cloud Application Development Framework) that enables us to deliver comprehensive Cloud based Service and Sales automation solutions quickly and efficiently.

Looking after the Customer

The crucial challenge is to understand the problem from the customer's perspective. It is important to suit the application to the customer's need and not suit the customer to the application offerings. The other challenges are training the client in handling the application and maintaining it in the Cloud and integrating the Cloud applications to the external systems.

At NebuLogic, we never shy away from a problem. This has led our company to come across various opportunities and develop ground breaking techniques. We encourage and engage our implementation teams to continue innovating, researching, brainstorming, reverting back to old projects for ideas and somehow finding a solution. With our customer centric approach coupled with our proven track record both in application and subject matter expertise have enabled us to deploy solutions on-time and deliver greater ROI to our clients worldwide. Fasten your seat belt as we are taking off into a new and exciting domain of endless possibilities, Destination Cloud Nine!

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