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Metric Insights: Bridging The Last Mile To Business Intelligence And Big Data


Thursday, October 31, 2013

 Thomas Jacob “The BI space is filled with broken promises! Vendors promise collaboration and alerting capabilities, which usually are half-fulfilled. When it comes to taking action, business users are left with a plethora of dashboards, provided to them by BI tools, with no context. They only report what has happened without the context of why,” says Marius Moscovici, CEO of Metric Insights. This acumen comes straight from a prominent company in the analytics space, which aims to think beyond the dashboards solution to every problem.

Metric Insights provides users with an efficient Push Intelligence Platform, which is optimized to deliver only the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) that matter in order to eliminate dashboard overload.“We are focused on what the business users need, not the analysts,” says Moscovici. Built upon patented technology, the company’s KPI Warehouse sources metrics from the customers’ Business Intelligence, SaaS, Big Data, and other data tools. With a collaboration layer that adds context to the data, users are able to cut through the noise and focus on the critical business issues that warrant their attention.

The Metric Insights solution can be integrated with an enterprise’s existing BI and Big Data tools in a matter of minutes. Unlike other solutions that require constant monitoring, Metric Insights provides automated, personalized alerts to users in the event of any significant change in the data. The solution also compiles user annotations and commentary associated with any change at the data point level, so that the back story of an event is never lost. It helps everyone working on the problem to get complete context. “Every person has a contribution to make. We provide the means to do it by placing data in the hands of every user,” says Moscovici, exemplifying the true meaning of analytics and problem solving.

Introduced in 2010, Metric Insights’ platform is utilized by medium- and large-sized enterprises that need the power of information. One of the leading eBook creators in the U.S. is using Metric Insights to manage hundreds of publishers associated with the company’s e-reader platform. The solution, which was deployed in only three weeks, is enabling the publishers to understand how key metrics like user engagement relate to subscriptions and renewals. Partnering with Tableau, Cloudera, Hortonworks, 1010data, and others, Metric Insights is also serving companies across the healthcare, human capital, and media spheres.
Staffed by a group of professionals and software engineers who are passionate about building easy-to-use solutions around complicated problems, Metric Insights is creating more plug-ins that are able to work in any BI environment and with any data tools. “We are adding more features to increase engagement around metrics within an organization and increase the utility that metrics generate,” says Moscovici.

By providing consumers easy access to actionable, timely, and relevant information to facilitate smart decisions, Metric Insights is bridging the last mile to BI and Big Data.