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NetBrain: Making Network Management Simple and Visual


Friday, March 7, 2014

Joe Philip The Network Management industry relies too much on manual labor: from network documentation, to network troubleshooting, to network security. It is a largely manual job and relies on tribal knowledge to get things done on time. Massachusetts headquartered NetBrain, for the first time, is attacking this problem from the root. Its automation centers not only on network management enhancement, but also human labor enhancement. This is done through an innovation called dynamic mapping. Through this dynamic mapping technology, human activity versus complex enterprise network is assisted by computational intelligence in a way that has never been done before.

NetBrain is the inventor of the computer-aided network engineering (CANE) solution, applying the benefits of CAD technology to the Network Management space. CANE technology provides labor enhancement solutions for arguably the most important IT management jobs carried out by millions of network professionals and security professionals. NetBrain is a network automation 2.0 company, stretching beyond the configuration and change management of automation 1.0.

The Trumpcard

The firm's automation is a breakthrough in both depth and breadth. It covers documentation, troubleshooting and security automation which touch virtually all aspects of today’s enterprise network management.

"NetBrain has solved problems which were previously unsolved in the industry. We have hundreds of large enterprise customers and have not seen a competitive product. We do have overlapping features here and there with other off-the-shelf software. So if I have to name a competition that would be the existing ways to manage networks manually," says Lingping Gao, CEO of NetBrain.

The company's product line includes anEnterprise Suite and Consultant Edition. For networks of all sizes, engineers can leverage the Enterprise Edition to maintain accurate network diagrams, track changes in their networks, and visually troubleshoot virtually any network issue.

For on-the-go consultants, the portable Consultant Edition provides the extra visibility needed into their customer’s networks and visual automation enables to bid adieu to manual scripts.

Changing the Paradigm Inthe Network Management Industry

Most of NetBrain's customers are enterprises with mission-critical networks like AT&T, BT, Boeing, GE, TI, and Caterpillar.

Moving forward, the company will work towards making sure that their technology is in every network professionals’ computer and also help them to realize the potential that they would never think possible. The firm is also working hard to digitize network engineering knowledge so that its customers can benefit directly from them. Apart from these goals the firm is striving hard to build a community to enable network professionals across companies and industry to better collaborate in solving network problems.