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Secure Access Technologies: Your Phone is Your ID


Wednesday, April 2, 2014

CR Team Mobile security is a serious concern for companies of all sizes. While enterprise computing is changing rapidly towards mobility, cloud and BYOD, passwords fail to provide decent user experience and security. Although employees are typing/exposing passwords numerous times a day, enterprise data can still be compromised when a device is left unattended with an open session.

Enter Menlo Park, CA based Secure Access Technologies (SAT) which secures enterprise data on any device with SAT Mobile ID. SAT secure enterprise mobility and BYOD while enhancing the user experience. Founded in 2012 by CEO, Ben Ayed, the company's patented SAT Mobile ID and continuous authentication is a breakthrough in enterprise security.
"SAT Mobile ID protects data on any device with the user's smart phone or hardware token. Data is only available when the user is present, and locks when the user leaves." says Ayed. He goes on to add "SAT security platform provides single sign-on, multi-factor authentication, encryption, device loss prevention and auto-wipes when a device is lost and there is no network".

A Unique Two Part Solution

SAT protects data on mobile phone, tablets, Web and PCs with SAT Mobile ID which installs on the smart phone or comes as a key fob. The company's end-to-end Security works off-line, is jail-break proof and protects the device from loss. This is in contrast to current Mobile Device Management and multi-factor authentication solutions that are dependent on network connectivity. Quick installation is enabled using the SAT Wrapper engine. Finally, the SAT Policy Console enables CISOs to change security policies for any legacy application.

Doing Wonders

A typical user goes to the mobile, tablet or PC and types a PIN code only once, and as long as he or she stays near the device, all applications will open with no password. This protects the passwords from eavesdropping. When the user walks away, the data is locked, and the user will have to re-authenticate to come back in.

SAT partnered with RSA and MobileIron, and integrated with Good, Citrix, Salesforce, Splashtop, Windows7, and HID to name a few.

This young company has done wonders in the industry. Now the company is on the verge of providing a Doctor's Mobile Desktop which is a turnkey solution for hospitals.