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TransportGistics: Simpler Solutions, Better Results


Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Joe Philip Managing the costs of moving goods through the supply chain is a huge challenge for shippers and consignees as a single shipment involves inter-company and intra-company transactions and communications. TransportGistics, headquartered in Bohemia NY, delivers products that address the inefficiencies in transportation management, reduce freight expense, simplify the functions to be executed, make transportation information immediately visible to all parties involved in the transaction process, improve communications, and increase productivity.

TransportGistics is a global, multi-product and services company that provides simple and incremental web-based products and services for transportation management and logistics functions within the supply chain. The company’s solution creates professional transportation forms including packing slips, LTL (less than truckload) and TL (truckload) Bills of Lading (including stop-offs), and carton labels from the cloud; provides current tracing and tracking information in a central location to all authorized users; enables users to automatically generate return authorizations, route shipments via least cost carriers, generate bar coded return Bills of Lading and facilitates the receiving and accounts payable/receivable processes. TransportGistics also provides a cloud based shipment auction portal that allows its client’s users to submit shipment requests to their sourced carrier partners.

“Solutions should not be more complicated than the problems they are trying to solve! Simpler is better, and that is the approach that we have taken with our web-based products and services. These easy to implement, easy to use solutions allow authorized users to reduce costs and improve operations while managing discrete transportation management functions of our customer’s supply chain anytime and anywhere,” says Alan Miller, President of TransportGistics.