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Using Technology To Respond Pro-Actively To Market Opportunities


Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Joanna Young Role of Big Data in the Education Space
Big data in educational space is that we need the user to measure the outcomes that were intending to give to our customers. And, so for example, education, one outcome that’s very important is in the spaces career advising so internships and job placements like that and it increasingly important that student having good experiences.

Technology trends Impacting Education Industry
“Mobile” is probably the most important of those trends. The customers that we interact with, specially, are students, as we are a public university we have stakeholders and customers of New Hampshire as well as nationally, those customer increasingly be able to expect to interact with you through few mobile applications is more convenient, faster, more effective for them. And so we are gradually going to a mobile first or even mobile only scenario in order to meet those customers’ demand.

In this regard cloud is obviously a very good way to increase this activeness of IP delivery while campaigning class and every CIO obviously needs to be thinking about cloud and what flavor of cloud because they are public cloud, private clouds, absorption based cloud and CIO’s need to be very thoughtful of specific about what cloud strategy or strategy to use and how they going to get there.

Technology’s role in keeping pace with the change
We have a lot of initiatives at the university. First of all in keeping with my prior comments about mobile and we are very focused on increasing our LAN and WAN capacity in the recent years and the reason is very important to us. It’s because if you don’t have a strong functioning security, it doesn’t matter how good the application is to deliver if they can’t function properly and securely, it’s not going to be any good. So, we are very focused on that core capacity. We very focused on working with our admission scopes on employing new customer relationship management and other, you know, marketing and sales strategies so that we can reach our potential customers and engage with some positively. We need to be delivering innovation, we need to be working with our faculty on ourselves on delivering that innovation but on same token we have to make sure we have a strong secured functioning infrastructure whether it is cloud based or here locally so that all of those applications will offering optically.