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WGSigma Systems: Transporting Data Analysis To Real Time Big Data


Thursday, October 3, 2013

Joe Philip While enterprises and corporates struggle with different methodologies to analyze and track customer habits, WGSigma Systems ensures value by providing a unique Big Data Application Server Platform that goes beyond mere data analysis by developing cognitive applications to operationalize Big Data in the real time flow of business.

WGSigma Systems' Sigma platform solves the problem of finding and applying insights from Big Data to directly change the behavior of existing business systems. Whereas most Big Data platforms enable analysis, Sigma goes further to discover and maintain holistic context, then take the appropriate action all in real time. Keeping in mind various client requirements, the company has developed several concepts revolving around customer behavior. "While the extensive usage of applications can lead to data exploding due to its accessibility through various modules and channels, WGSigma Systems has fostered into the space of taking bulk data and creating a single concept around the customer" says Wai Wong, President and CEO.

Apart from enhancing a company's business performance through its integrated technology stack, WGSigma combines the most proven and capable predictive analytics, semantic and cognitive technologies, Big Data analysis methods and directed graph storage into an integrated offering, saving enterprises the significant expense, risk, and time to build the infrastructure to leverage Big Data.

WGSigma can handle sub-second transactions and has the ability to scale it up to enterprise transaction levels. Corporates and enterprises can gain extensively out of the technology, as these operational efficiencies could scale up 30 to 50 percent. "Our technology acts as a central nervous system, as if the apps and the entire app system were like a human body with hands, legs and a mouth," says Wong.

Addressing issues in various verticals that include customer care, offer management, system troubleshooting and the ability to prevent fraud in real-time, the Sigma based application can infer what is occurring, predict what will happen, then take the best action to achieve the optimal and intended outcome. What sets Sigma apart is the ability to infer and discover knowledge from a combination of past and present structured and unstructured data combined with predictive analytics to implement real time closed loop control and management of practically any situation, to optimize business goals.

Sigma not only provides a cloud-based hub, connecting and enhancing heterogeneous suites, but also enhances development speed.

The core management team of WGSigma Systems comes with rich expertise in the Big Data sector which has added to the company's performance and traction. Delivered as either turnkey solutions or as a platform for companies to develop their own solutions, WGSigma is further committed to improve business performance through intelligent real time solutions.