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Trusting The Technology is The Success Mantra


Friday, September 20, 2013

Thomson Antony Cloud computing represents a significant paradigm change with implications for the SAP IT community. A growing number of service providers are starting to provide cloud computing offerings, industry analysts surmise that a significant number of SAP enterprises have already progressed from virtualization onto on premise cloud technology, and a significant percentage of Cloud customers will run on hybrid cloud within the next few years. Many SAP customers understand that cloud computing could provide significant benefits specifically from the increased flexibility. However, these customers are undertaking risk analysis of the different cloud models before developing their cloud strategy. Today's early adoption fears along with immature technology, perceived security risks and other business concerns prevent widespread enterprise adoption of private, public and hybrid clouds.

Wharfedale Technologies (WFT Cloud) a technology consulting firm specializing in SAP infrastructure integrations and services, as well as Private, Public and hybrid Cloud solutions is aiding companies in making the transition. As an SAP certified provider of cloud services, Wharfedale also offers SAP solutions around - high availability, disaster recovery, advanced sizing for virtualization, back up/recovery integration, systems refresh automation and landscape optimization. By leveraging WFT's global facilities, brilliant engineers and state-of-the-art tools and processes, companies can increase the quality of their software products while dramatically reducing timelines and operating costs often by more than 50 percent.

A Cut Above the Rest

The Princeton, New Jersey based company helps companies optimize their critical application landscape, leveraging their existing hardware and software investment. The integration company was the first certified SAP cloud services partner in 2010. The company helps create the road map and strategy for enterprises to move from their current environment to the cloud. Understanding the needs of their clients, WFT has a stronghold in creating on-premise private cloud and delivering cost efficient solutions.

Founded in 2000 and headed by Ganesh Radhakrishnan, Founder and CEO, Wharfedale Technologies, the company has always maintained a lead in the market by focusing on only what their strength is. "Our knowledge is our strength. So we never try to deviate our strength from technology to functional aspects or any other thing. We only put our trust into one aspect that is technology and that is what has driven us into cloud," explains Radhakrishnan. The company being , the first certified SAP cloud services partner, provides WFT Cloud that continues to provide its customers tangible cost savings when migrating or deploying their SAP non-production landscapes on cloud. WFT Cloud customers have greatly benefited from its rapid provisioning methodology and WFT Cloud's own SAP Cloud Image Factory (SCIF), Rapid Cloud Migration and all inclusive pricing model. These advantages have led to an expansion of WFT Cloud's global customer footprint into 139 countries.

A true pioneer, WFT was also the first company to virtualize SAP Production landscapes in the market. Also when VMware, Cisco, EMC (VCE) and SAP came together to start the first cloud initiative in a converged infrastructure, WFT was selected as the first partner in the world. The company has strong partnerships with both leading technology vendors and best in class service providers such as EMC, Cisco, SAP, VMWare and Netapp among others. These partnerships help WFT provide to its customers the most robust solutions available.

The company's dedication to provide clients with the best possible solutions has helped WFT win over almost 200 customers distributed among 5 countries (USA, Canada, Spain, Brazil & India). With extensive expertise in both the application (SAP & Oracle) and database (HANA, Oracle, SQL & DB2) environments and infrastructure (Private Cloud, Virtualization, High Availability, Disaster Recovery, Backup & Restore, Storage, etc.) solutions, WFT deliver solutions to clients in the financial, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, retail, distribution, transportation, utilities and entertainment industries, as well as key government agencies.

Empowering CIOs

"CIOs are concerned about the risk of changing their SAP landscape to lower the cost of running IT. That is the first thing that I have been trying to elevate out of the CIOs mind," says Radhakrishnan. The company envisions to solve these problems by helping CIOs build a hybrid model of how they can lower the cost by moving from a legacy open system to this cloud base. The company's roadmap is not just to create private cloud environments for companies but also helping CIOs to acquire brand new hardware for them and helping customers with this change with all the latest technologies. The company helps clients move to SAP HANA, an in-memory platform allowing real-time insight into the business for a more reactive workforce.

Competing neck to neck with the big boys of the industry such as IBM, HP to name a few, Ganesh Radhakrishnan believes that WFT Cloud has an upper hand as the company is closely aligned to SAP. The company always keeps its clients, particularly the CIOs in mind and aims at making their transition to the cloud as seamless as possible.