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ecVision: 15 Years Of Excellence In Supply Chain Software


Thursday, December 5, 2013

Benita M Since 1998, ecVision has provided leading edge software platforms to companies in the apparel and footwear industry around the globe. The company started out as an Electronic Data Interchange (EDI ) provider for retailers and big-name brands such as JC Penney, Limited Brands, Nordstrom and Gap; connecting its vendors and factories to their sourcing teams. In those early days, online communications, standardization, and the automation of business practices differentiated ecVision from its competitors.

It has since expanded from its original hub-and-spoke system for logistics and customs document generation. Today, ecVision’s mission is to streamline processes within the supply chain, from innovation to delivery, through its cloud-based collaboration platform called ecVision Suite. Realizing the pivotal role technology plays in retail processes, ecVision successfully focuses its technology expertise on developing innovative software solutions that facilitate secure international communication, establishes a common collaborative platform, and manages day-to-day business functionality for companies within the soft line vertical markets.
ecVision continues to play an important part of minimizing costs and risks for its customers while increasing speed to market and agility. Making these difficult tasks during the commercialization process easier to execute allows leading brands and retailers in the apparel and footwear industry to develop their distinction and to achieve a reputation as a trusted brand in this competitive retail marketplace. Companies utilize ecVision’s solutions to improve communication, create and enhance visibility, and strengthen collaboration with every link in the trading party network.

“ecVision sets itself apart from its competitors by having the strongest cloud-based supply chain platform and in three other primary ways: technology infrastructure, corporate structure, and a diversified supplier network throughout the world,” says Thomas K. Ng, CEO of ecVision. With leading brands and retailers utilizing ecVision Suite and over 22,000 factories and suppliers within their network, customers successfully improve their business agility, overcome market challenges, automate trade and logistics workflows, and reach new levels of operational efficiency. They do this by implementing ecVision’s best practices strategy solutions that are integral with existing systems.

ecVision Suite Best Practices are industry-specific solutions that address the common problems in retail businesses face. To successfully improve their business agility, overcome market challenges, automate trade and logistics workflows, and reach new levels of operational efficiency, ecVision customers utilize different components of the module-based solution ecVision Suite: innovating and planning, commercializing, and making and shipping.

Headquartered in New Jersey, the company also has offices in Hong Kong, China, Japan, and Australia, with an approximate total of 200 full-time employees who serve companies all over the world. Some of ecVision’s current customers include Coach, New Balance, Li & Fung, Phillips-Van Heusen, Timberland, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Vera Bradley, Abercrombie & Fitch, BonTon Stores, JC Penney and Falabella, Kilin, Gap and others.

In the coming year, ecVision’s growth plan includes the addition of new functionality to its Collaborative Material Management Best Practice. That move will enhance the commercialization process; mobile application development, including product and finished goods inspection capabilities on various devices; linkage integration to all of the major product testing and facility auditing providers; and the expansion of the user base through collaborative portals which represent communities that are customized for major industry trade associations.