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iScan Online: Identifying Potential Data Breaches before they happen


Wednesday, April 2, 2014

CR Team With all the recent headlines surrounding data breaches,organizations are struggling to find a way to avoid becoming the next data breach victim.In today's world of disconnected systems, remote offices and BYOD, it is increasingly more difficult to accurately detect vulnerabilities and unprotected data on endpoints.
Enter Plano, TX based iScan Online, Inc., a provider of security scanning solutions for Microsoft Windows and Apple OSX servers, desktops and laptops, as well as Apple iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. Founded in 2012 the firm offers customers the ability to proactively identify endpoints at risk before a data breach occurs.

Combined Intelligence

The power of the iScan Online solution is that it combines the detection of vulnerabilities with the discovery of unprotected sensitive data at rest on endpoint devices including mobile devices. Vulnerability scans detect vulnerabilities in the operating system and applications installed on the device. Data discovery scans identifies unprotected credit card data, as well as PII/PHI related data such as social security numbers, drivers license, passports, date of birth etc. Administrators can also construct their own search patterns for sensitive corporate data.

Any Endpoint Anytime Anywhere

The iScan Online solution is designed to work seamlessly with all size organizations. By providing several scan delivery mechanisms administrators can decide how best to scan devices in their organization.Instead of traditional network scanning, iScan Online delivers scanning via a browser plugin, command line or native mobile app.

"The challenge most organizations have today is that they don't have visibility into all the devices that are connecting to their network, applications and data. These devices are largely left unsecured and contain a huge amount of unprotected sensitive data that could ultimately end up in the wrong hands. ," mentions Carl Banzhof, CEO of iScan Online.

Using iScan Online's scan browser plug-in delivery technique, organizations could scan a device anywhere a user logs in to a web app. The iScan Online service integrates with the industry's most common PCI DSS portals, online banking portals, guest wifi authentication web pages, Time Sheet and CRM web applications and much more.

The iScan Online command line scanner scans the host that it is executed on in lightening fast speed. This unique approach allows administrators to embed powerful scheduled and ad-hoc scanning via existing infrastructure such as Microsoft Windows Active Directory, McAfee epos, Remote Monitoring and Management Tools, VPN on connects scripts and other use cases.

The firm's services have attracted major companies in various sectors in North America and Europe. Still young, the company has already made a great impact in the security industry and moving forward a lot is expected from a company of such caliber.