'Designing Secure Healthcare Systems' by Sensato and Divurgent

By CIOReview | Tuesday, August 18, 2015

ASBURY PARK, NJ: Sensato and Divurgent recently invited software architects, engineers and technology leaders from healthcare sector having experience in tactics, techniques and practices in designing and developing highly secure software to a three-day workshop “Designing Secure Healthcare Systems”.

Sensato provides cyber-security education, consulting and software solutions to healthcare industry while Divurgent, despite not being a typical healthcare consulting firm is focused towards payment and delivery reforms, as well as patient engagement, providing higher quality of care, lower cost of care and healthier communities. 

“The reality is that after you strip away all the noise, the reason attackers are successful, at breaching healthcare systems, is because the software we design and develop isn’t secure,” states John Gomez, CEO of Sensato, asserting on the importance of secure software systems.

Designing Secure Healthcare System is developed specifically for those working in healthcare information technology and concerned with patient privacy and safety. The instructors are veteran engineers and architects with decades of experience in healthcare information technology. Besides presenting tactics and practices in securing code the program will also deliver multiple case studies and insights to the psychology of an attacker and study their approaches.

All participants in the program will spend three-days in Long Branch, NJ from October 27 to October 29, 2015 learning and sharing various tactics and practices that addresses vulnerabilities and security issues in their software. The program will present latest ideas on SQL injection, cross-site scripting, variable injection, NoSQL attacks, DDoS response, auditing, overflow attacks and much more. A wide range of solutions to combat contemporary and relatively unknown threats will also be presented. The workshop will also focus on reviewing cloud, distributed computing, mobile and back-end architectures and is suitable for anyone with a technical background independent of any specific programming language or development platform.