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"Full Circle Campaign Attribution" Launched by Full Circle Insights

By CIOReview | Wednesday, May 25, 2016
Bonnie, CEO, Full Circle Insights

Bonnie, CEO, Full Circle Insights

SAN MATEO, CA: In a major announcement made, Full Circle Insights has launched its marketing analytics solution Full Circle Campaign Attribution. Full Circle Insights are the makers of comprehensive marketing performance management solutions and will be providing data-driven marketers with the intelligence to make budget decisions with confidence via Campaign Attribution. The solution will measure an organization’s performance in the campaign and impact on revenue, all inside the most ubiquitous CRM system in the world.

A marketing attribution product, Campaign Attribution will have a superior combination of functionality, ease of use and cross-organization data conformity and accessibility within the de facto system of record for sales reporting.

The importance of accurately attributing revenue and gaining to optimize marketing spend and mix and drive revenue growth insight is acknowledged by majority of marketers. “Measuring campaign performance and impact on revenue is the biggest weapon for gaining confidence behind a company’s marketing spends. Our Campaign Attribution product is a powerful application that serves performance-driven marketers across all levels of attribution sophistication and the information is accessible to both sales and marketing, providing important data that drives alignment,” stated Bonnie Crater, President and CEO, Full Circle Insights.

Attribution modeling capability and flexibility is delivered by Full Circle Campaign Attribution which serves a wide diverse marketers array. Both standard out-of-the-box attribution models as well as models with custom frameworks are offered by the solution which fits the business goals and marketing mix unique to each organization. A marketer is able to implement simple single-touch models, multi-touch models or advanced models with custom weightings and custom variables by leveraging Full Circle Campaign Attribution. “We have developed Response Management and Campaign Influence solutions that assist organizations in measuring the results of their marketing programs and facilitate effective decision making,” explained Crater.

To optimize a customer’s attribution modeling on-the-fly, including side-by-side attribution model cross-compare and a detailed drill-down capability, Full Circle Insights has built functionalities that maximizes the potency of the product’s attribution modeling. This unique feature is called Deal Explorer. Extensive modeling flexibility and comprehensive reporting aligns with marketing and sales goals attributes with unified data in the de facto system of record for revenue. Timely actionable marketing insights are also generated by, Full Circle Campaign Attribution that plays a huge role in steering decisions and tactics of marketing. Pre-existing business processes and security requirements are aligned by Full Circle Campaign Attribution and installation is streamlined which allows marketers to be up-and-running.