LocoMobi's LBS for Entry and Exit Achieves Patent Approval

By CIOReview | Thursday, July 23, 2015

FREMONT, CA: LocoMobi, a provider of unified pyhsical, mobile and cloud based parking technology announces that the United States Patents Office has approved its patent application for Location Based System for Entry and Exit using a mobile device.

Location Based System for Entry and Exit is the method of using applications for entry and exit from registered locations that have an associated geo-fence. The registered location may be mobile or stationary. An internet connected device running the app transmits the current geographical location of the device and a remote processing center executes a default action on finding correspondence between the geo-fence of the registered location and the current geographic information of an end user's device. The default action is to enter and pay for the parking at a registered location.

 LocoMobi's mobile payment application, QuickPay (QP) supports parking facilities as an alternative to the payment stations using the same rate engine and cloud portal. The app can be integrated with legacy hardware or as part of a fully integrated LocoMobi system.

The patent is to secure the company's investment research, development and implementation costs and to enhance the technology of a mobile cloud-based transportation system."Following years of transmittals and amendments we are very excited to see that the QuickPay mobile payment system for all gated parking facilities has been approved in the United States," says Grant Furlane, President, CEO and Co-founder, LocoMobi.

The company also claims to offer licensing agreements and partnership opportunities to providers."The solution of connecting a remote processing center configured with an associated mobile device that automatically activates specific payment options and raises gates for each end-user based on the parking facility is unique and highly secure, as it combines location checking and individual user settings per facility," notes Furlane.

A system for in-garage guidance was introduced to help drivers find open spaces; therefore minimizing the time spent driving around looking for spaces. The system even helps users locate the user's car upon return.