'Oracle Communications Analytics' Product Portfolio is Now Live

By CIOReview | Wednesday, October 14, 2015

REDWOOD SHORES, CA: Oracle Communications rolls out a new product portfolio named, ‘Oracle Communications Analytics’ that can be considered as an expanded set of analytics capabilities. The portfolio is a hybrid of current and new analytics functions. Communications Service Providers (CSPs) gain end-to-end, communications-specific analytics for data integration, data warehousing, big data; and advanced features to monetize the data.

The Product Portfolio consists of Oracle Communications’: Customer Experience Analytics application, Network Assurance Analytics application, Analytics Big Data Platform and Analytics Diameter Adapter. Latest version of products like Oracle Communications Data Model is also included.

With Customer Experience Analytics application, Customer Service Representatives can have a 360-degree view of a client with granular level details; improves customer retention process; and supports revenue and margin growth targets.

Network Assurance Analytics application improves the network and services, providing insights into critical Diameter network performance by quickly spotting the network service outages; anticipating and avoiding network service issues; taking actions to preserve network security.

Analytics Big Data Platform on the other hand addresses the volume, variety, and velocity of both structured and unstructured data; extending the data ingestion capabilities of the portfolio. Long prevailing CSP challenges are solved with real-time solution as well as brings down the Time-to-market and big data complexity.

The Analytics Diameter Adapter, one among the Big Data Adapters, receives streaming feed from Diameter Signaling Router or Performance Intelligence Center which can be visualized as structured Diameter data records.