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'SAGE Recommends' help Readers Relate Social Science Queries with Concepts

By CIOReview | Monday, December 21, 2015

ROCKVILLE, MD: When we talk about Social Science, it’s a challenging task on itself for managing big data to find, share and capitalize on the know-how. To make available that massive array of content on Social Science, SAGE partners with Expert Systems to release ‘SAGE Recommends’. This new capability provides users with links to relevant SAGE content, suggesting them with further reading within the context of a book chapter, and reference entries. It refers readers to related journals, datasets, and other reference materials from an array of 1.5 million journal articles and 250,000 book chapters.

SAGE Recommends is powered by Luxid platform and leverages a patented natural language processing technology to tackle the challenge of structuring and managing content. The software infuses together SAGE’s years of highly acclaimed reference works and tons of controlled vocabularies across Social Science disciplines. The platform actually understands and extracts relevant data hidden in plain text, boosting the scalability of all processes involved. 

"Social science faces similar difficulties as other areas of Higher Education where tackling big data to efficiently find, share and capitalize on knowledge remains a challenge," said Daniel Mayer, CEO, Expert System Enterprise.

The SAGE Recommends tab appears on the right side of the browser when users browse book chapters, read reference entries, or watch videos. Users can access a list of suggested journal articles, datasets, reports, and case studies relevant to the searched content, just by a simple click on the tab.