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The Advent of Agile Marketing

By CIOReview | Friday, April 13, 2018

Looking at the history, the concept of agile was predominately used by software development organizations. However, the scenario is changing now and agile is rapidly being used with organizations of all sorts in their every part of work. It is a skeleton for the management about the procedure to incorporate cultural change within an organization. For many organizations, it may seem perilous, but once implemented it will enable them to embrace change and focus on realistic goals that leads innovation.

Agile can be quite beneficial for the marketing organization if implemented with proper understanding. And one of the few steps to gain that is by recognizing the difference between the two agile methodologies—scrum and kanban. Scrum is a structure that enables companies to solve intricate issues to deliver products with high value. It is a framework incorporates a sprint, a span of time during which a product increment is developed. Whereas, Kanban is a path to balance work and demands with the available resource capacity, while handling bottlenecks. Kanban board empowers organizations to visualize items and have a clear picture of the process and progress. However, kanban board should function in a pull system, is a manufacturing strategy to curtail wastage in the production process.  With this system in place, marketing teams can concentrate on projects and campaigns that urgent at a given time. It will balance the balance the flow of resources.

Agile marketing not only established harmony between the project requirements and the available resources, but also significantly boosts the communication and productivity of the teams.