XtreMed and T-System's Extend Integrated Radiology Services to Neighbors' Emergency Room

By CIOReview | Tuesday, March 29, 2016

HOUSTON, TX: In an interesting new development, radiology and medical imaging solutions provider, XtreMed has publicized the integration of their flagship Harmonious Radiology Solution with healthcare IT specialist T-System’s Emergency Department Information System (EDIS). This service integration will now ensure radiology images right on the time to potential specialist emergency rooms, Neighbors Emergency Centre.

“When it comes to the unique dynamics of emergency care, having radiology information available at your fingertips is incredibly valuable,” says Lauren Cotton, RN, CEN, MS, Chief Nursing Officer, Neighbors Emergency Center. “Our clinical team can access a radiology image directly within T-System instead of having to work between two systems, which would have a tremendous negative impact on our workflow and efficiency.”

With a plan to open 20 centres across the country, with the capability of housing more than 75,000 patients at a given time, Neighbors Emergency Center is growing exponentially. To optimize the workflow, efficiency and patient care that come with large expansions, Neighbors approached XtreMed and T-Systems, whose new combined service is now the key to the emergency centre’s smooth functioning.

“Prior to the integration with T-System, we experienced difficulties when attempting to integrate with other EDIS providers. We found that most vendors were unable to provide the necessary support and communication for a successful integration,” says Houman Farzian, CEO, XtreMed. “This has been a very successful working relationship and we’re proud to help streamline care for Neighbors through this technological integration with T-System.”

XtreMed and T-System work to ensure the technologies are seamlessly integrated so that the images from the radiology equipment are automatically sent to T-System’s EDIS, EV and is accessible at the point of care.

“We believe in providing clinicians with the tools they need to deliver the best care possible to patients,” says Robert Hitchcock, M.D., FACEP, Chief Strategy Officer, T-System. “I believe this successful integration with XtreMed really shows the remarkable outcomes that can be achieved when healthcare technology vendors work together and remain focused on what’s best for the patient.”