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1010data Version 7 Enables Better data Visualization and Big Data Integration into the Cloud

By CIOReview | Tuesday, September 30, 2014

FREMONT, CA: 1010data, a provider of solutions for Big Data discovery and data sharing for business, has released the latest version 7 of 1010data with major developments in three key areas: data visualization, in-database applications, and data integration in the cloud.

Equipped with new visualization capabilities as well as TenUp and QuickApps, 1010data Version 7 provides seamless integration of Big Data in cloud environment. QuickApps is the latest technology framework enabling users to create custom in-database applications running as part of the company’s cloud-based platform. Using QuickApps, applications for various purposes such as form-based analyses, management dashboards can be created. They can also be combined in the form of modules for developing more complex applications. 

TenUp helps in streamlined integration of Big Data into the cloud. Upgraded PowerLoader besides playing a role in Big Data integration into the cloud, also provides customers with new diagnostics and scalability tools when loading data into the cloud. Additionally, the Version 7 of the platform has enhancements in usability, scalability, and performance.

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