3CLogic's Call Center Software benefits to Globally Ranked BPO

By CIOReview | Wednesday, April 6, 2016

ROCKVILLE, MD: 3CLogic represents a performance report that encapsulates the results of the recent implementation of its cloud call center solution for a globally ranked BPO and its premium client. The BPO reported significant improvements—double the speed-to-call rate of leads, operate using a multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) network connection, and ability to integrate with the client’s proprietary CRM database after inheriting 3CLogics cloud call center software.

Due to insufficient multichannel and merged telephony capabilities, the BPO was not able to comply with the strict KPIs and assign leads in the best mode. “We needed a more unified and blended system that was aware of and responsive to all lead interactions,” said Director of Client Services. 3CLogic’s avant-grade call center software implementation helped the BPO to double the contact rate lead-time. Call center was able to contact majority of leads and respond within a minute or less in an extremely competitive environment. 3CLogic’s call center software supports private network connection that allowed BPO to address and resolve any security and voice quality issue aligned with cloud-based implementations. 3CLogic’s unique feature to provide seamless access to client’s business rules and workflows through integrations with customer’s proprietary customer relationship management systems, bestowed BPO and its clientele to increase throughout reporting and performance insights. In addition, 3CLogic was able to meet the requirements of client’s business model with additional integration of advanced operational metrics and business workflows to speed up the process of frequent global relocations.

Robert Killory, CIO at 3CLogic exclaimed, “The client brought very unique business requirements that had to be met with exact precision, and done quickly to support their speed-to-contact needs.” Further he added, “Utilizing our robust open architecture and out-of-the-box thinking, we are able to meet all their needs in record time, and produce key analytics to measure their performance.”

After experiencing great performance improvement by inheriting 3CLogic’s cloud call center platform the Global BPO is focusing on further enhancements in customer satisfaction and to grow its clientele. According to the Director of Client Services, BPO will further measure 3CLogic’s capability to streamline and accelerate other client campaigns managed by the BPO and will look forward to strengthen the relationship.