3D Robotics Launches X8+ Ready-to-Fly Personal Drone

By CIOReview | Thursday, November 27, 2014

BERKELEY, CA: 3D Robotics, provider of UAV technology for everyday exploration and business applications has announced the launch of the X8+, a tough, ready-to-fly personal drone that extends the capability of 3DR’s fully-automated flight platform into the professional realm. 3DR has also introduced the company’s new plug-and-play first-person view (FPV) kit which can provide everything a user needs to start live streaming a video feed from the camera on the X8+ or IRIS+ drones.

The X8+ has a power drill that users can outfit with different bits. Beyond photography and videography, , it can be used to generate highly precise maps and 3D models, collect aerial data in automated and infinitely repeatable flight paths, carry different sensors for gathering data beyond the visible spectrum, generate point clouds for accurate ground survey, and can even be outfitted with magnets for real delivery potential. The aluminum frame can take the elements, but it’s also light enough to maximize aerial mobility; it folds into a compact and easily transportable form perfect for on-site use in areas like mining, construction, search & rescue, agriculture and professional cinematography. To add up similar to all 3DR drones, the X8+ comes with free mission planning software, 3DR’s world-leading open source flight platform and a remote controller.

It also now features 3DR’s world-first 3PV Follow Me mode,  with which the copter can track any GPS-enabled Android device with a variety of changeable angle and distance presets that will keep consumers in the center of creative videos. Or, if used industrially, that will keep whatever a user needs to track in the center of the copter’s field of vision.

As a flying camera, the lifting power of the X8+ (max takeoff weight of over 2 kg, recommended payload 800g battery and 800g payload) offers users options for attaching an array of gimbals, cameras and sensors. This carrying capacity unlocks options:  different lenses for video can be chosen with the Black Magic, and the different focal length settings for the LX100 allow aerial photographers to set a zoom for tight and focused shots while flying at a distance; when flying with a tiny wide-angle lens users would have to get the copter physically closer to a subject. Pair the X8+ with 3DR’s FPV kit and consumers now have everything needed to scout, monitor and shoot professional-grade aerials.