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4 Inclinations Driving Renewables towards Becoming the Preferred Energy Source

By CIOReview | Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Green energy is proving to be more efficient than conventional sources, and with new technologies being developed, it looks set to become even more viable in the coming years.

FREMONT, CA: The use of renewable energy is showing no signs of slowing down. The capacity of green energy sources is overtaking the fossil fuels, tripling in the last five years, while the ability of fossil fuels has fallen by a third as the report says. An increasing number of companies, regions, and countries are embracing renewable energy, and the landscape is rapidly evolving. Various market trends are driving renewable energy to become mainstream and the preferred energy source.

• Energy Storage

Energy storage allows energy to be generated when climatic conditions are mainly sunny or windy and then stored to be used later when needed. It plays a significant role in balancing power supply and demand and is crucial in tackling the intermittency issues of renewable energy. Batteries are the conventional storage devices used in renewable energy systems, and energy storage technologies are expected to improve in future helping home, and business makes the most of green energy generation.

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• Smart Energy

Smart meters are helping users become more energy efficient, and intelligent energy apps are also being developed to help people see exactly where they can save energy. Although smart meters themselves won’t save energy or money, they can give a better understanding of how much energy consumers are using and help them see where they can make savings. As smart meter apps and smart meter installations are introduced, consumers will become more aware of how much energy they are using and where they can make savings.

• AI and Microgrids

Microgrids, the local energy grids that can operate autonomously or in connection to a larger traditional grid enables energy independence, efficiency, and protection during emergencies.  Using AI capabilities with microgrid facilitates continuous adaptation and improvement of operation. Microgrids are slowly taking center stage, allowing for designs to be completed in a single day.

• Electric Vehicle Revolution

Manufacturers have started developing real-time electric vehicles. Heavy investments in the oil and petrol industries for so long, makes moving to a more renewable and environmentally friendly way of doing things work better and prove that the future is going to be a significant year for electric vehicles.

Achieving universal access to energy is vital in addressing global development challenges.  With their ever-improving cost and performance metrics, the world can soon witness renewable energy increasingly deployed to provide power to communities and regions that have long been left in the dark.

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