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5 Compelling AI Influences Powering the Insurers

By CIOReview | Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is helping the insurance industries to analyze, collect, manage, and report data for customers to cherish better experiences. To help insurers AI offers better decision-making techniques for the businesses.

FREMONT, CA: Artificial Intelligence is developing the way businesses operate rapidly across industries. To cope with customer demands, competitors, and operating requirements, AI insurance is helping P&C insurers. AI in the insurance industry can create unique experiences for the customers looking to buy or renew property and casualty insurance. Claims to underwriting and data analysis can be optimized to improve customer service and internal operations. See how AI influences the insurance industry.

1. Underwriting

The process of underwriting depends on data management and analysis. With AI's arrival, analysis of underwriting criteria can be processed faster. This will generate accurate pricing results and also risk assessments. Reports that are created with AI inform underwriters and their decision-making processes that jobs are now more manageable with precision analysis.

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2. Claims

Claims have always been a drawn-out process. Dealing with multiple points of contact is frustrating for a customer when they are forced to file a claim due to injury or property damage. AI can enable insurers to serve their customers best in their times of need. It can process claims and other requests, assess coverage levels, assigns an agent to create follow-up tasks, and stay in contact with the customer throughout the claims process.

3. New Business

AI helps insurers in providing personalized experiences to customers. Insurers can offer best-fit policies using client-generated data and AI algorithms to prospective customers based on their unique requirements.

4. Retention

AI helps insurers in preventing attrition or lapses with current customers. AI processes data that insurers collect as well as the data outside systems. Use of AI launches a re-engagement campaign that contacts customers through their channel of choice. AI engagement for consumers can be used to select proper channels and timing of messaging to be most effective.

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5. Marketing

New products should be developed frequently by insurers to stay active in the market. Marketing efforts go in vain if the products don't sell. AI informs marketing efforts to target customers more effectively.

The insurance sector can be improved by AI if appropriately aimed, can improve customer experience. Customer satisfaction is the prime value-add of AI to insurance. Data is the only resource that AI depends on, which is arguably an essential one. Insurers leverage a data analytics solution to utilize the power of AI successfully.