5 Mistakes Hotels Should Avoid for Better Reviews
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5 Mistakes Hotels Should Avoid for Better Reviews

By CIOReview | Tuesday, May 21, 2019

FREMONT, CA: Five mistakes that the travel and hospitality sector, especially restaurants, should avoid concerning hotel guest review management are:  

Non-personalized guest experience

The personalization of guest experience can enable massive points to the hotel review-wise. Although hoteliers see hundreds of guests each day, the experience is still new for the customers. Tapping into that excitement factor by providing guests a personalized package will not only show the guests that they matter but also boost the reviews and recommendations to the hotel.

Usage of an only single channel for guest engagement

Using a single channel to approach the guests can be counter-productive, but engaging them in a multi-channel level has the added benefits of long-term association, especially if the content is light and not exaggerated. Diversification of platforms, light and engaging content and zero exaggeration will induce voluntary guest engagement. 

Not requesting for reviews and feedback                 

A good review has the potential of bringing in customers; similarly, a bad one can taint the business forever. If the customers realize that the review or feedback they provide matters to the management of the restaurant, positive and quality review can be expected. To have influencers like popular hotel review websites attract guests with positive feedback is rewarding, as the customer feels valued. Proactively seeking the reviews of the customers and understanding their guest experience is utmost importance, conveying to customers that the hotel cares. 

Ignoring the reviews of customers   

Constant attention to guest reviews will allow hotels to solve the situation immediately in case of negative reviews. In case of positive feedback, a graceful thank you note would change the game. The reviews left un-responded can project the idea that the hotel is casual and unorganized. 

Lacking a guest review management strategy

Even though the strategy to manage guest reviews plays a tiny part in hotel marketing, it creates a lasting impression on the vast customer base. By taking small measures like being attentive, delivering an exciting guest experience can affect a change in the customer’s opinion; building confidence in the prospective guests about the restaurant. 

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