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5 Why's behind the Success of Data Center with the Adoption of AI

By CIOReview | Friday, June 14, 2019

FREMONT, CA: Data has proved to be a great asset, and most companies are using the digital revolution to make processes directly relevant to data. Companies are building data centers for the accumulation of vast amounts of data and data processing. Artificial Intelligence (AI) makes data centers viable for companies. A particular study has concluded that 30 percent of data centers that don’t incorporate AI will not be operationally feasible by 2020. AI has many significant advantages for data centers.

1.  Security gets a boost with AI

Data centers house precious data and often become a target of cybercriminals. Hackers keep developing new means of attacks, which makes it cumbersome for security experts to detect risks and protect confidential data. Companies can deploy AI to strengthen security infrastructure substantially. Features of AI allow better detection capabilities and the prediction of risks based on network behavior patterns.

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2.  Predicting Data Outages

Skilled professionals can monitor data, but predicting data outages is tough. AI can do a better job at controlling the whole system to enable predictive maintenance, thereby reducing chances of a potential data outage from occurring. Recovery systems in AI make a recovery fast and minimize downtime.

3.  Energy efficient data centers

Data centers require a lot of energy for functioning. Most of the electricity is consumed in maintaining the cooling systems. AI-driven automated systems which use data from smart sensors to monitor cooling and optimize individual cooling units enable companies to reduce energy consumptions.

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4.  Automating tasks

Maintenance related tasks which generally require staff members for monitoring are now being undertaken by AI-based automation. Companies reduce staff requirement at data centers, consequently enabling decreasing costs in the long run and more efficiency in tasks.

5. Simpler server workload management

Data centers house physical servers and equipment to handle data. Engineers have the job of designing algorithms to optimize the functioning of these servers. Organizations are replacing engineers with AI as AI does the job much better using predictive analysis and load balancing algorithms, maximizing optimization.

AI is a powerful technology and is going to make the present, and upcoming data centers efficient and feasible. Companies must incorporate AI to build data centers better.

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