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5D Robotics Accelerates WHILL's Traditional 'Autonomous Personal Mobility' Technology

By CIOReview | Monday, April 18, 2016

WHILLSAN FRANCISCO, CA: Personal mobility device provider, WHILL will be incorporating the deep software talent and rapid development capacities of 5D Robotics into its development process for Model A. The alignment with 5D will drive WHILL to add the   autonomous personal mobility technology for its proprietary device, Model A.  The improved autonomous personal mobility devices will help WHILL to deliver customers a cost effective and secured mobility service.

"Fully autonomous personal mobility devices can bring our B2B customers enormous benefits in terms of greater convenience, lower cost and improved safety for their mobility services," says Satoshi Sugie, Founder and CEO, WHILL.

5D Robotics has been well appreciated among the global marketers for its developed technologies that supports navigation, mapping, and localizations and eliminates industry leading obstacles. Its software service involves robotic innovations by making them more intelligent and helpful. The recent collaboration of WHILL with 5D delivers the company with integrated software to facilitate the autonomous behavior and precise navigation including UWB tags, Lidar and other sensors with 5D's patented behaviors. Model A features specially engineered services that helps its users to easily follow behind a person, animal or vehicle along a predefined path. The vehicles can now easily communicate with other vehicles ("V2V"), with the help of analyzed infrastructure that has made it safe, reliable and capable for data collections.

The feature of Model A wheelchair includes 4WD technology that makes it faster, while additionally helping users to rotate the vehicle with a minimal turning radius. Its powerful torque and huge front wheels allow vehicles to run over terrains, hills, grass, dirt, gravel, and snow with easy. The modern Acceleration Management System controls the speed and movement of wheels where users have the option to move fast, or slow, turn forward and along with that a reverse speed acceleration feature is also included in the package.