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6 Ways in Which Kanban Methodology is Driving Agile Project Management

By CIOReview | Monday, May 20, 2019

FREMONT, CA: If there is a guiding light for Agile project management, then Kanban is the Northstar project administrators turn to for direction. As a visual management tool, Kanban allows teams to get more done on demand without unnecessary steps and processes. It is helpful for organizations working with Agile project or product management methodologies. Kanban has had an essential impact on the world of project management. There are many ways Kanban is driving the development of Agile project management. Read on!

Easy Interfaces

Increasing your project’s possibilities for success calls for employing an interface, which your team can efficiently use. Kanban focusing on visualization is a primary reason for an improved workflow process. This element helps in making interfaces easy-to-use for Agile teams regardless of the industry or organization.

Quick Visualizations

While working with an Agile team, it is essential for everyone to ensure the project moves according to the roadmap. Continual improvement of processes demands a fast way to recognize problems. Kanban boards support visual mapping techniques, making it effortless for the team to determine valuable steps in the workflow process. 


Kanban is a favorite among Agile teams for its versatility. Traditional long-term planning demands great effort to employ modifications. Changes can, however, be made on demand when implementing Kanban. Due to its flexibility features, Kanban can adapt to abrupt changes as and when incurred.

Consistent Workflow

Fixed design sprints and iterations are usually included, in the flow of methods for product development projects. It helps in simplifying product development process if Kanban is implemented, in the Agile methodology. This is only because Kanban facilitates consistent workflow.  With Kanban implementation, a project runs smoothly without any fuss.

Work-in-Progress (WIP) Efficiency

Projects often have multiple tasks which Agile team members should complete. Multitasking can bring efficiency in the workflow. Rather than simplifying the project workflow, having too many chores makes the project more complicated and may expand the time required to finish a project. Kanban helps by addressing the issue and allowing the addition of new tasks by limiting WIP only when there is a space, which needs to be filled.

When it comes to making a project efficient, it is crucial to employ strategies that can help in lightening the workload. Kanban gives an advantage by bringing the Agile team using a robust project management tool, such as Project Manager.  

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