A Pop Quiz to Evaluate Telecom and Technology Expense Management Needs
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A Pop Quiz to Evaluate Telecom and Technology Expense Management Needs

By CIOReview | Wednesday, August 14, 2019
Jeff Poirior, President & COO

Jeff Poirior, President & COO

As business owners look to empower IT departments, here is a new way that lets companies determine TEM requirements.

FREMONT, CA: Valicom, the leading provider of TEM solutions has launched an interactive POP Quiz that will help IT departments determine the next step for their telecom and Technology Expense Management (TEM) process. The service provider understands that the requirements of client companies vary depending on factors like size, stage, and infrastructure. The quiz, with key questions to evaluate the exact needs of individual companies, improves the chances of finding the best-fit solutions that can optimize the technology environment.

Growing demands for better connectivity often leads to stressful situations in IT departments. Valicom looks to ease the stress and give firms an opportunity to analyze factors related to the TEM environment with the fun quiz. By understanding requirements through the quiz, Valicom suggests steps that companies need to take to keep network infrastructure highly optimized and to manage, track and control its wireline, WAN and wireless assets while minimizing the cost. 

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With long years of experience and expertise in the telecom industry, Valicom tailors its expense management solutions to address the unique requirements of the corporate world. Its TEM suite consists of customized features such as invoice approvals and asset expense management. In addition, it also offers a centralized database which allows its clients to match, merge, and utilize data stored across different servers and cloud platforms.

Talking about one of the company’s many valuable attributes, Jeff Poirior, President and COO of Valicom, says, "Most of our clients have had problems reviewing invoices in a timely manner. When they come to us, we empower them in a way that all these invoices are at their fingertips, thereby allowing them to approve the expenses and pay bills with a click of a button.”

Valicom has been redefining telecom and technology expense management and has ranked among the Top 20 Telecom Companies by CIOReview. The company's TEM catalog mentions TEM Management, Cloud Expense Management, Invoice Management, and Bill Payment, IT Inventory Management, and Contract Management in the list of services provided. Clearview is the TEM software from Valicom that increases visibility, controls costs, and reduces risks. The company has always been scoring high in customer satisfaction and enabling clients to recover savings on telecom spend.   

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