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ACDI Rolls Out Document Search Technology Solution - Access FileSight

By CIOReview | Tuesday, February 16, 2016

LITTLE ROCK, AR: Access Control Devices, Inc. (ACDI), a provider of professional services, unveils a new search technology solution, Access FileSight. The new product is designed to simplify workflows in the enterprise environment. FileSight will provide timely document search and retrieval for ACDI’s dealer network. 

“Quite simply, you can drop FileSight in anywhere and it’ll find data everywhere — on servers, clouds and hybrid infrastructures, This is a turnkey solution that will integrate information from every corner of any enterprises’ digital landscape,” said Mark Hart, Director, ACDI.

Adopting the enterprise’s security scheme, FileSight makes enterprise content securely available to its users. It is designed to mitigate any additional IT requirements like custom coding and complex integration. FileSight works with every copier and scanner. Its web based dashboard includes search bar where all the information of the organization can be accessed; refiners can sort results according to user’s preferences; users can also search results based on structured and unstructured data and a preview pane allows users to preview documents when the mouse hovers on the search result. In addition, it provides view and sort feature that adjusts the results by relevancy or last modified.

Furthermore, FileSight consists of optical character recognition that indexes previously non searchable PDF, TIFF, JPG and GIF files. It allows users to save files anywhere and retrieve it from any device. It finds the required files even if they are misspelt. The analytics dashboard allows admins to see how users are using FileSight showing top search terms and profiles.

“With FileSight, no special training is needed. Normal descriptive terms and intuitive keywords easily find needed files. Users can save and then find files anywhere – and even misspell the file name when saving or searching.  And they can do this from any device –including PCs, iPads and smartphones,” says Josh Lane, President, ACDI.