ACS Unveils NTX U-57 Upgrade for Landis and GYR TG 5700 I/O Subsystems

By CIOReview | Thursday, March 24, 2016

ORLANDO, FL: A global player in the arena of smart grid automation technology, Advanced Control Systems (ACS) aids companies to modernize substation control systems with efficient and economical remote terminal units (RTU) upgrades. Taking the legacy forward of upgrading third party RTUs, ACS has unveiled the new NTX-U57 upgrade solution for the Telegyr TG 5700.

“We’re proud of the innovation that has gone into the design of the NTX-U57, which gives many utilities with TG5700s the ability to easily replace the I/O modules and deliver the advanced functionality of ACS’ intelligent substation control,” says Rob Sadler, Director of Product Management, ACS. “This design is based on the same concept used with our very successful NTX-U20 upgrade for the aging Westronic/Harris/GE D20, now being used by several major North American utilities.”

The ACS RTU upgrade solutions take into account the fears of companies faced with the need to replace legacy substation RTUs to enable intelligent control and support modern communication protocol. By permitting the utility to leave all wiring, I/O terminations, and control relays untouched, the NTX-U57 and NTX-U20 solutions have helped to save over 60% over the cost of a full replacement. The ACS NTX-200 series controller can be used in place of the TG 5700 to provide the Ethernet interfaces to the master and to each of the upgraded I/O modules. The ACS NTX Explorer tool is used to configure both the NTX-200 host and the NTX-U57 modules, simplifying management of the total upgrade solution.

“This is yet another example of ways that ACS is helping utilities to modernize their old and aging infrastructure to address 21st Century challenges, such as NERC CIP compliance and the proliferation of digital data available from the substation,” says Kevin Sullivan, CEO, ACS.

ACS provides smart grid solutions and advanced automation technology to the electric power industry world-wide. ACS has excelled in control center solutions which include SCADA, advanced distribution management (ADMS), outage management (OMS), energy management (EMS), network simulation and optimization, network display strategies and ergonomic design.