Actility's ThingPark Breaks the boundaries of IoT market

By CIOReview | Thursday, February 25, 2016

FREMONT, CA: IoT deployment is simplified by Actility along with its new ThingPark partners. Actility is a provider of ThingPark, an IoT and M2M service platform equipped for Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWAN).  Hasting towards matching competitiveness to outrun the boundaries of IoT market, Olivier Hersent, CEO and CTO, Actility says, “With ThingPark, we are aiming to automate whatever it takes to enable partners to deliver ready-to-use commercial products, from connectivity to provisioning, distribution and monetization of IoT solutions.”

Actility’s ThingPark makes use of LoRa protocol-LoRaWAN, a LPWAN specification intended for wireless and battery operated devices in global network, offering an open ecosystem hub; which enables customers to explore and connect with devices, networks and application partners to deploy solutions on an Actility-driven network.  ThingPark is a wireless, long range bi-directional LPWA network enabler used to achieve Smart City, Smart Building, Smart Factory and Smart Home.

New partners in the ThingPark ecosystem like ADEUNIS RF, ATIM, Finsecur, Microchip and nke Watteco contributed to ease the installation of commercial IoT solutions to attract customer’s attention. “Actility is investing heavily in interoperability and partnership developments, accelerating go to market for LoRa IoT solutions by encouraging open innovation,” comments Olivier. 

ADEUNIS RF, a solution provider for wireless dedicated M2M has endowed ThingPark with two transmitters which can transform any sensor into a LoRa device and any meter into a LoRa smart meter. ATIM uplifts IoT with radio electronics connected to device system driven through ARM-NANO, a LoRa module which provides different interfaces. Viewing safer environment conditions to persist in the surrounding, Finsecur, a high-technology fire safety solutions provider empowers smoke alarm integrated with temperature and humidity sensors to display the climatic conditions.

Marking itself for bringing LoRa Wireless module (RN2483), Microchip, a microcontroller and analog semiconductors provider makes its contribution by passing the LoRa Alliance certification to make RN2483 operational in the IoT landscape. Additionally, nke Watteco, a smart sensor solutions provider adds smartness to the IoT that gets integrated into sourcing environmental sensors, general digital and analog I/O sensors and smart plugs.