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Actility Showcases the Vision for the Development of IoT

By CIOReview | Wednesday, April 13, 2016

FREMONT, CA: Actility, a provider of ThingPark, the Internet of Things and M2M service platform has shared the idea of innovation in IoT at the first LoRa Alliance Members Meeting and Open House sponsored by Cisco.

Olivier Hersent, the CEO at Actility firmly believes the fact that IoT is on the verge of a transformation that will replace dial-up modems by the broadband internet for data communication. He also foresees the vision of operators deploying dedicated IoT platforms and new opportunities emerging for the companies to build private infrastructure using unlicensed spectrum.

“The real value in IoT is not just connectivity, but mainly in the ability to build and deploy added value services. ThingPark is the first dedicated IoT management platform that can meet the needs of operators and new entrants,” says Olivier Hersent.

The ThingPark IoT platform has three key elements which includes ThingPark Wireless, the core LoRaWAN network infrastructure and tools; ThingPark Marketplace, the hub of storefront and ecosystem; and ThingPark Cloud, providing protocol translation and Open Data management. The platform deploys end to end services, and offers device purchasing and delivery, device activation and registration with IoT networks. It also implements private customer networks, application distribution and pairing with devices.

Actility aims to initiate development in the IoT globally, supporting national network roll-outs in partnership with operators and broadcasters in six European countries. The company has projects in two Asian countries and yields a wide network in Dubai and trials in the US. Being a technology pioneer in LoRaWAN, the firm is also a founder member of LoRa Alliance.

“Thing Park is the only complete IoT ecosystem built from the ground up around an open, multivendor marketplace. ThingPark is industrializing open innovation, from partnerships to products and services,” adds Hersent.